The Endorsements Of Jon Ossoff And Ralph Warnock has endorsed a lot of candidates over the years. Never has it endorsed two in the same article or on the same day for that matter.  Unusual times call for unusual steps.  Let’s explore.  

While the presidential race has been long decided (expect in the Donald Dome) the 2020 election is not over and in fact is guaranteed to go into the calendar year of 2021. Both Georgia Senate seats are going to runoff elections and the last day of voting in them is January 5, 2021.  Simply put they are for control of the Senate.  Entering the runoffs the Senate sits at 50 Republicans and effectively 48 Democrats.  (The two independents, Angus King of Maine and Bernie Sanders of Vermont, caucus with the Democrats).  If the Democrats win both races they will control the Senate by virtue of Vice President Kamala Harris’ tie breaking vote.

The matchups are Democrat Jon Ossoff versus incumbent Republican David Perdue along with Democrat Rev. Ralph Warnock facing off with incumbent, but never elected, Republican Kelly Loeffler. The Republicans have a plethora of advantages in this situation not the least of which is that the Democrats must go two-for-two to make a difference.

Both Ossoff and Warnock have solid progressive platforms and records. Usually in an endorsement article most of it extolls the virtues of the endorsee’s today will be different in that I will emphasis what is a stake and how dangerous the Republican candidates are.

A win by either Republican, let alone both, means Republican control of the Senate under the leadership of Mitch McConnell. It doesn’t take a world class sage to predict that obstruction of Joe Biden’s agenda regardless of its impact on the American people and economy will be the order of the day.

As to Loeffler and Purdue, they have been unresponsive to the people (of Georgia or America) and both have track records of being more interested in personal enrichment by using their positions than tending to their duties as United States Senators. As I often do, I besiege voters to act as hiring managers when they cast their ballots.  In each race you have what I will grant you is to a degree an unknown but their Republican opponents have done extremely poor jobs.  To put it in plain (if grammatically incorrect language): If what you’re doin’ ain’t workin’ it’s time for a change.

Georgia is changing politically and socially. Joe Biden won the state’s 16 electoral votes in November.  A Democrat winning statewide in early 21st century Georgia is making a statement.  I remember during the 2012 campaign talking to some of my peers working for President Obama in Georgia and being told that the day Georgia turned blue was close at hand.  Can you imagine the statement that electing an African-American and a Jew in Georgia on the same day resulting in Democratic control of the United States Senate would make?  Remember from its inception the goal of America was a more perfect union.

To use a sports analogy the 2020 election is like a game that has gone into overtime and a tie will clinch the championship. All you have to do is prevent the other team from scoring.

It is completely without reservation or qualification that endorses Jon Ossoff and Rev. Ralph Warnock for the United States Senate from the state of Georgia. Today’s duel endorsement was purposely timed for today’s publishing.  Today is the first day of early voting in the runoffs.  If you are a registered voter in Georgia please vote.  If you have any friends or family who are registered voters in Georgia please remind them to vote to the point of being annoying if necessary.  American democracy may well be in the balance; a progressive agenda certainly is.

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