The Endorsement Of Tina Kotek

For Oregonians – I have no idea how many read me – today’s article is a plea. For the rest of us it is a lesson.

Tina Kotek is the Democratic candidate to replace term limited Oregon Governor Kate Brown. Oregon is arguably the best governed state in the union. In my mind not coincidentally, because it is led by female Democrats in the highest state offices. Kotek wants to be part of keeping it that way.

Kotek, the current Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives, hasn’t taken the easiest path to high political office. In fact, her life has been challenging but she has overcome through hard work and honesty. Out of high school she attended Georgetown University. I don’t know all the background but she ended up dropping out and joining the workforce. I doubt it was out of boredom. She ended up earning her bachelor’s from the University of Oregon then going on to earn a master’s in international studies and comparative religion from the University of Washington.

The easy path in politics is to marry a person of the opposite gender and have kids. Kotek was honest with herself (and us) and married another woman.

Even before being elected to public office Kotek was involved in public service. She has an extensive background in aiding children and the needy. She is educated in the theoretical but has lived the real world.

Kotek is a progressive who believes in protecting and saving the environment, raising the minimum wage and paid family leave. You might say that she is truly a family values person not some right winger who uses the verbiage to make themselves look good. I like people who walk the walk and largely discount people who just talk the talk.

Normally in a year this crowded with candidates worthy of endorsement I wouldn’t even bother endorsing an Oregon Democrat. Normally they would win easily. 2022 is not shaping up to be a normal midterm in Oregon or elsewhere. A third party candidate has entered the race and is syphoning enough votes from Kotek to make the Republican viable. While the liberal interest in the third party candidate is merited and understandable, I’m asking voters to recognize the results of their actions if they vote for a third party candidate who simply cannot win. The Republicans – who have been known to run such candidates in the past although I am not asserting so in this particular case – are simply benefiting from a game of divide and conquer. endorses Tina Kotek for Governor of Oregon. Her life story earned this endorsement.

If you vote in Oregon, please cast your 2022 ballot for Tina. If you live elsewhere think of what a third party vote really accomplishes. Don’t let a principled vote backfire.

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