The Endorsement Of Tim Ryan

This is one of the more unusual endorsements that has made over the years. The endorsee is far from a pure progressive. In fact, he has morphed and continues to morph toward a progressive viewpoint as time goes on. It would be fair to currently describe him as a left-leaning moderate. Inside Democratic party politics I have not always agreed with every position and action he has taken. All that said Tim Ryan is far and away the best candidate for the open U. S. Senate seat from Ohio and wholeheartedly endorses him!

To vote for Ryan some forgiveness may be required. Some of his positions in the past are 180s from where he stands on those same issues today. His detractors may call that flip-flopping; I call it learning and evolving.

If you want to measure the Tim Ryan that is on the 2022 ballot, I suggest you check his website. When you do, first go to the endorsements section. It is led by a plethora of union endorsements. I am a firm believer that if we want to bring back the American middle class it starts with rebuilding the organized labor movement.
Ryan wants to protect America and its people without stripping them of their rights and dignity. His values are of the kitchen table, Golden Rule and genuine family values variety.

In today’s America almost always, the voter is faced with a binary choice on the general election ballot: a Democrat versus a Republican. There may be other candidates but for the most part they serve as little more than a distraction with no chance of winning. Ryan’s Republican opponent is largely a fraud and most of what emanates from him is a lie. His book, which is his claim to fame, remains on the Recommended Reading list not because of the truths it tells but because it describes the warped thinking of a significant portion of the electorate. Ryan’s opponent has done well in life yet somehow paints himself as a victim. In his book his “fellow victims” blame everyone and everything but themselves and their actions for their situation.

If elected (and he is the underdog at this point) Ryan will flip a Senate seat to the Democrats and be a pretty reliable Democratic vote. The alternative (his opponent) will be a solid Trumper who will check the political winds before he takes a position which he will quickly change if the political winds do or he is instructed otherwise by the “dear leader”.

To all you Buckeye voters, a vote for Ryan is a vote for America. A vote for his opponent is a vote to destroy American democracy.

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