The Endorsement Of Theresa Greenfield

Will Iowans elected a self-proclaimed simple farm girl to replace the castrator from the Koch Brothers in the United States Senate? We’ll find out this November. Let’s explore the reasons why they should.

Democrat Theresa Greenfield has one of the most compelling personal stories ever presented by a candidate for high public office. Hers is the story of someone from a common background who lifted themselves up by their bootstraps while facing adversity and became a success. I don’t have time to go into it here but I suggest you check it out. You have access to the internet and at least minimal computer skills if you are reading this so it won’t be too difficult.

Greenfield’s platform coupled with that background is what makes her an outstanding candidate. Let’s look at a few of her rather progressive positions.

She believes health care is a right, not a privilege. She pledges to protect those with pre-existing conditions, wants to expand access to health care and particularly wants to protect rural hospitals.

Greenfield is pro-union and a plethora of unions have already endorsed her. She also supports a living wage – what a concept, businesses paying their own expenses as opposed to corporate welfare “wage subsidies”. She believes in equal pay for equal work regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation.

It comes as no surprise that she is a protector of the family farm having grown up on one. Agribusiness gets plenty of government help while the family farm largely gets lip service. I see her as a female version of Montana Senator Jon Tester, a self-proclaimed dirt farmer.

Her education policy is not only progressive, it is realistic. She is pro-public education including Pre-K; but she is also in favor of apprenticeship programs. Most candidates miss this point. Not every American wants to, is cut out for or can attend a traditional college. Apprenticeship programs provide vital training, a skilled labor supply, relatively inexpensive labor during the apprentice for small business owners and afterwards middle class jobs on which a person can support a family while being a valued consumer and taxpayer. To me it looks like a lot of winners in this program.

Guns are a delicate political issue everywhere and especially in a rural state like Iowa. Greenfield has both the courage and the intelligence to support popular, common sense regulations like expanded background checks, keeping guns from domestic abusers along with those on the no-fly list.

While Theresa may not herself be a veteran she has far from forgotten them. Many are her family members and her son will be one someday, he just re-enlisted in the Army. She is a strong defender of veterans’ health care and wants to see much more done to help them get jobs when they transition to civilian life.

Senior citizens will be happy to hear that she has pledged to protect both Social Security and Medicare by not allowing their privatization.

Another courageous stance she has taken is to protect a woman’s right to choose. She has been endorsed by both Emily’s List and NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Another impressive endorsement comes from the League of Conservation Voters for her policies on the environment with a special focus on the nationally mostly forgotten issue of farm flooding.

She is calling for comprehensive immigration reform and in the process pledges to defend the dreamers.

She has pledged to support legislation outlawing Citizens United and will particularly fight the influence of dark money in politics. Her opponent, incumbent Republican Joni Ernst, owes her seat to the Koch Industries. What a clear choice!

A couple of other noteworthy endorsements have come in from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), the Brady PAC and Gabby Giffords. In addition to those endorsements and the endorsements mentioned earlier, today proudly endorses Theresa Greenfield for the United States Senate from Iowa.

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