The Endorsement Of Terry McAuliffe

This is an article I did not anticipate writing. Normally I do not make endorsements in off year elections but the 2021 Virginia governor contest is too important to ignore.

Today I am endorsing Terry McAuliffe for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. With the attack on democracy still ongoing, state level government is more important than ever. Some time ago I promised my readers more attention to governor’s races and this is simply the first small step on that journey. With the multitude of Republican attempts at voter nullification, state office is more important than ever and in most states the Governor is the most powerful elected official.

Virginia is a purple state trending blue but it is not a sure thing blue state yet. In fact, it is one of the most vulnerable states to voter nullification if the wrong people are in positions of power; McAuliffe’s Republican opponent is certainly among the wrong people.

But it is more than a lesser of two evils choice. McAuliffe has a proven record of success and decades of high level government and political service. Simply put, he knows what he is doing, what needs to be done and how to accomplished it. The clearest illustration of this is that he successfully served as Virginia’s Governor from 2014-2018 (Virginia law prohibits a governor from serving successive terms).

I do not consider McAuliffe a pure progressive; he got his start under Jimmy Carter and reached prominence under Bill Clinton. I consider him more of a moderate Democrat; which is still progressive when compared with today’s GOP!

On the important issues he is right in line with progressive priorities (and I might contend American values). He is pro-education, pro-women’s rights, pro-voting rights and believes in climate change. That’s not everything or all he stands for but it should be enough to merit your support.

It’s been some time and the Democratic party is evolving, but McAuliffe is a former DNC Chair so he knows the players and how to play the game. He has the support of the White House and it’s current resident, President Joe Biden. If you support Biden’s agenda that alone should be reason enough to support McAuliffe.

I am reaching my conclusion but I cannot leave you without a visit to the issue of voter nullification. Virginia is basically two states. The DC suburbs and the southern part of the state are world’s apart politically (among other ways). Republicans can and do win in Virginia. The governor elected in 2021 will be in office during the 2024 election. We need McAuliffe because we know he will safeguard democracy.

Election Day is Tuesday November 2nd and early voting is available in Virginia. If you live there make sure you cast your ballot and make sure it is for Terry McAuliffe. If you live elsewhere participate as you see fit. Without reservation enthusiastically endorses Terry McAuliffe for Governor of Virginia.

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