The Endorsement Of Tammy Duckworth

While endorsements on this site are not akin to wagers on victory but strictly an endorsement of what is clearly the best candidate, I think today’s subject has a very good chance of winning. Her candidacy is both good for America and her political career. She has already served her country with distinction in the military and in Congress. This is the second time has had the privilege of endorsing Tammy Duckworth for public office.    

When Lt. Colonel Duckworth, (Retired, United States Army Reserve), was Captain Duckworth she lost both her legs while co-piloting an Army helicopter on active duty in Iraq.  Duckworth enrolled in R.O.T.C. while in graduate school at George Washington University.  Upon attaining her Master’s she accepted a commission in the Army reserve and requested an assignment flying helicopters, one of the few combat missions available to women at that time.  Her Black Hawk was hit by an insurgent launched rocket propelled grenade.  Don’t let her appearance or the fact that she was born in Thailand fool you, her family has served in every major military conflict in American history since and including the Revolutionary War.  Her father is a veteran of World War II, Korea and Viet Nam.

In addition to being a genuine war hero, Duckworth has a solid progressive platform.  She is pro health care, a veterans’ advocate, pro women’s rights and the right to choose along with being in favor of reasonable gun regulations.  Her courage is still on display even though she is no longer on the battlefield.  Despite her “legs” now being two prostheses, she is still often seen wearing a skirt.

Duckworth became Representative Duckworth by defeating freshman Tea Party/Republican Joe Walsh for his seat in 2012. That accomplishment in itself was a tremendous service to America! She was easily reelected to represent Illinois’ 8th Congressional District in 2014, not a good year for Democrats.

Duckworth added mom to her resume on November 18, 2014 giving birth to a girl, Abigail. That was actually the genesis of the rift between her and Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. The Pelosi led Democrats denied Duckworth’s request to vote for leadership by proxy since she was under doctor’s orders not to travel in the late stages of her pregnancy. Nancy Pelosi is a great leader who rules with an iron fist. Publically getting on her bad side is not good for the career of a Representative with low seniority. Running for the Senate was a politically savvy move for Duckworth.

Duckworth will be running to unseat Republican Senator Mark Kirk for the seat formerly held by President Obama. Kirk was elected in the 2010 Republican wave. He was sworn in on November 29, 2010, replacing the Rod Blagojevich appointed Roland Buris and then went on to serve his own 6 year term via the concurrent election.

Kirk has actually proven to be what today passes for a moderate Republican having taken a reasonable stand on a handful of issues. Yet, for the most part he is part of the pack. For example he was one of the 47 Republican Senators who signed Tom Cotton’s open letter to Iran’s leaders in an attempt to undermine American foreign policy, an act many Americans considered treasonous.

The Illinois Senate seat is one that the Democrats have an outstanding chance of picking up in 2016. would love to see Tammy Duckworth in that seat working for the interests of America’s veterans, working class and women.

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