The Endorsement Of Steve Bullock

The rumors looked believable for the past few days but it became official Monday morning; Montana Governor Steve Bullock is a candidate for the United States Senate seat in Montana. This is both a good thing and a big deal. Let’s explore.

Republican Senator Steve Daines is up for reelection in November. If you aren’t familiar with him you are not alone. His main claim to fame is being a Trump sycophant and his most famous act in the Senate is a vote he didn’t bother to show up to cast only to be “saved” by Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski.

Bullock is a moderate Democrat, not a pure progressive. He is running in Montana not California; I rest my case. That being said he has a lot of progressive or somewhat progressive positions and he has a legitimate chance of winning. Even if he doesn’t win he will make the Republicans spend a lot of money in Montana that they wanted to spend elsewhere. Keep in mind that as much attention as the presidential race will garner the Senate race is arguably more important. With Bullock’s entry the Republicans now have 10 seats in jeopardy (many other say 11) while the only Democratic seat in danger is Doug Jones’ in Alabama.

After earning his law degree from Columbia Bullock has spent life in public service and/or working for the rights of the “little guy”.

Among his many achievements during his time as Montana’s governor has been expanding Medicaid coverage in that red state. That required successfully working across the aisle. He has a long record of working for labor and consumer rights both before and during his time in the Governor’s mansion (which he used to deliver the newspaper to when he was a boy.)

Bullock is pro-choice, a position that is tough to hold and still win statewide with in a red state.

Access to public land is a big issue in the west and Bullock advocates for it. At the same time he is pro-environment recognizing the threat of climate change and human’s hand in it.

The influence of money in politics has long been one of Steve’s concerns. He is anti-Citizens United having fought it all the way to the Supreme Court where his case suffered its first defeat in a 5-4 decision. He particularly wants dark money out of our elections and politics.

Bullock is a defender of same-sex civil marriage. That is a pretty liberal view for someone from the intermountain west. He is also pro-DACA; again a somewhat courageous but correct position to hold for someone from his region of the country.

Bullock is on the proper side of an issue of importance that seldom gets much coverage: net neutrality. He believes that the internet should stay a neutral information highway. If it doesn’t money will determine the message and that is dangerous!

Gun regulation is a hot issue almost anywhere in America but no place more so than the west. Governor Bullock is in favor of popular and sensible gun regulations making background checks universal, limiting magazine capacity, banning some semi-automatic weapons and favoring red flag laws.

At we are very glad that Steve Bullock answered the call to duty and whole heartedly endorse his candidacy for the United States Senate from Montana.

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  1. Can we now focus on trying to convince Stacy Abrams to run for one of the two Republican Senate seats at risk in Georgia this year?

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