The Endorsement Of Sara Gideon

While in 2020 the race for the White House will get most of the press the most important contest is for control of the Senate. One of the best Democratic pickup opportunities is in Maine. Fortunately the Democrats have a great candidate and is endorsing her today. Meet Sara Gideon.

Sara is currently the Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives. She was first elected to the chamber in 2012 and has won reelection in 2014, 2016 and 2018. At 48 she has the perfect balance of both life experience and political experience combined with the relative youth necessary to work hard enough to accomplish something positive.

She graduated from George Washington University in 1994 and while in DC interned for the late Rhode Island Senator Claiborne Pell. If the name is familiar think Pell Grant; he wrote the enabling legislation. The political apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Gideon is a strong advocate of educational opportunity.

Sara has a progressive record earned through political battles with the likes of former Maine Governor Paul LePage. In the event that Trump wins reelection, Gideon has experience dealing with an unhinged chief executive.

Gideon has a long record of working for access to health care for all. In that quest she has also been a champion in the fight against the opioid crisis.

Like most Americans she doesn’t feel it is fair that many large corporations end up paying zero in income taxes. In the Senate she will be in a position to do something about it.

As part of her progressive platform Gideon works for a clean environment. Don’t detach that issue from economics; what is your house worth and how long will your job last when you can’t breathe the air or drink the water?

She is an advocate for women’s health issues including the right to choose. I’ll appeal to the conservatives for a moment – how much does it cost the economy when women are sick or have unwanted children? We are talking about the opportunity to choose; not mandatory abortions. In fact run optimally, a women’s health program will reduce the demand for and thereby the volume of abortions.

Gideon has not forgotten about the senior citizens. She realizes that Social Security, Medicare and pensions are not entitlements in the sense of the word the right wing would have us believe; they are deferred compensation having been earned and paid for by their recipients.

Sara is also an advocate for a too often forgotten group except in election time rhetoric – veterans. She believes they are entitled to benefits and care in compensation for their service to America. Obviously she will be in a better position to help veterans in the United States Senate than in the Maine House of Representatives.

She has made the decision to forgo PAC and special interest donations in her Senate campaign. Her opponent was rewarded for her vote to confirm Justice Kavanaugh by having the big boys place Sheldon Adelson in the position of her campaign’s chief fundraiser. Her opponent stayed sycophant by voting not guilty on both of Trump’s impeachment counts. Sara wants to represent Maine; her opponent wants to protect Donald Trump. This will be one of the most expensive senate races in the country. If you are so inclined and able I would suggest you consider at trip to

It is with pride and absolutely no reservation that endorses Sara Gideon for the United States Senate from the State of Maine.

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