The Endorsement Of Ruben Gallego

I’ll commence today’s article with a shout out to any readers I have in Italy and all those of Italian heritage regardless of where you live – Happy St. Joseph’s Day. Now on to today’s meat and potatoes: endorsing Ruben Gallego for the open U. S. Senate seat in Arizona.

Gallego is a second generation Latino-American who currently serves in the House of Representative and had previously held elected office in Arizona’s state legislature. Prior to that he earned a bachelor’s degree from Harvard.

Gallego is a Marine (he is still a reservist) who saw active duty in Iraq. His experiences there have had a profound effect on his public service in government, especially in Washington. Gallego is a huge advocate for veterans, especially when it comes to affording them educational opportunities.

Representing Arizona, it is appropriate that Ruben is an advocate for native Americans, again especially when it comes to educational opportunities. Is see a consistency here. To put it in somewhat biblical terms Gallego doesn’t want to give away “fish”; he wants to teach people how to “fish” so that they can feed themselves. You could say invest instead of spend.

Gallego is a solid progressive and one of his pet issues in the Senate promises to be filibuster reform. I have written at length on this issue but this much is certain; the current filibuster/cloture rule is broken and open to abuse.

Gallego’s stances are based on life experiences, common sense and being a responsible citizen. Perhaps the best illustration of that are his stances on guns. Gallego is a gun owner and carried a rifle in combat. He doesn’t want to take guns away from Americans, he wants them to handle them responsibly and be accountable for their actions.

Gallego is an advocate for women’s right including the right to choose. Am I the only one detecting a basic sense of fairness here?

Gallego will be 44 on Election Day which would help give the Senate and the Democratic party’s upper ranks a badly needed infusion of “younger blood”.

Arizona will be a battleground and the outcome of its 2024 Senate race is far from clear at this point. doesn’t view endorsements as a “pick a sure thing” endeavor. Gallego is a great choice to represent the Great State of Arizona in the upper chamber and we enthusiastically endorsed him for that office!

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