The Endorsement Of Richard Cordray

Richard Cordray is the Democratic candidate for the open Governorship in Ohio. Columbus’ may be the most important State House up for grabs this November. Cordray’s resume is far from cookie cutter and his views reflect that blend of conservative and progressive common among electable Democrats from the Great Lakes region.

An Ohio native, Cordray earned his bachelor’s degree from Michigan State, went on to Oxford for his masters and graduated from the University of Chicago’s law school. Academic scholarships financed much of that.

He clerked for Richard Bork, Anthony Kennedy and Byron White after law school. His first job in politics was an internship for the late Democratic Ohio Senator and space hero John Glenn. That is a mixed bag!

He has held several elected positions including a stint in the United States House of Representatives. His electoral record is spotty with several defeats; that may be the only knock on his record.

He has taught law classes at both the Ohio State University and Georgetown University. Cordray also spent some time in practice with Jones Day at their Cleveland office. Jones Day is the premier Republican law firm in the country. Cordray is certainly equipped to find bi-partisan solutions to Ohio’s challenges.

What he is best known for is his somewhat accidental appointment as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) first Director. Elizabeth Warren was slated for the job but Republican Senators blocked her appointment. Warren suggested her number one assistant, President Obama made Cordray a recess appointee and the Senate eventually confirmed him. The GOP plan backfired as Warren subsequently defeated Scott Brown for Ted Kennedy’s old seat in the Senate. Instead of having her somewhat buried in an agency they now have to face her every day as a peer. Not surprisingly, Warren has endorsed Cordray’ which brings a lot of fundraising power and press coverage.

Let’s look at Cordray’s platform. He stands for a solution to the opioid crisis which he correctly states we can’t arrest our way out of. He wants to grow Ohio’s economy with a big boost to small business. Cordray is demanding reliable access to health care for all.

His stances on public education are particularly visionary to me. Cordray wants universal pre-K; nothing more common sense than a quality and equal start for all. He also favors free junior college. That is a better start than currently provided for those who plan to go further in their education and may well be sufficient for those who need a bit more vocational training than high schools can provide. There is nothing like a superior work force to attract and retain employers who compensate their workers well. Well paid worker pay a lot of taxes.

Also with the future in mind, Cordray supports clean and sustainable energy production. Ohio is a coal producing state. Even disregarding environmental concerns coal is the past not the future.

Like my native New York state, Ohio has a substantial and important agricultural economy which is not widely known. When you think of that region farms are not the first thing you think of. Cordray has not and will not forget the farmer in his plans for the Buckeye State.

America has a gun problem to go along with its gun culture. Like any other problem it is not going to solve itself and in this case the status quo is not working. Cordray supports common sense gun regulations that the overwhelming majority of Americans also support.

Last on my list (but not Cordray’s campaign website) are the interests and needs of senior citizens and veterans. Both have served (and are sometimes one in the same person) and now deserve some special consideration. As someone who never wore the uniform I still feel we do far too little for our veterans. The Great Lakes region has long been an area where people worked and raised a family only to move away when they retire. Cordray wants to make Ohio a welcome and attractive home for young and old alike.

It is with neither reservation nor reluctance that endorses Richard Cordray for Governor of Ohio.

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