The Endorsement Of Phil Bredesen

After reading the headline of this article you may well be thinking, “Well, there goes Larry again endorsing another moderate Democrat.” You would be correct but I have a very good reason to; seldom in life are we simultaneously presented with an opportunity and a patriotic obligation. This is one of those rare occurrences. Let’s explore.

With less than ninety days to the November elections I still only see three good pickup opportunities for the Democrats in the Senate and this race is one of them. The Democrats need to net two seats to take over the chamber and several incumbent Democrats are running in red states. Phil Bredesen is a moderate Democrat who if elected will be one of the few members of the chamber from either party capable of bipartisanship on a daily basis. His opponent is a Tea Party, Trump endorsed right wing extremists to whom compromise is a dirty word. On that alone which way should a patriot vote?

Bredesen went to Harvard on an academic scholarship, not daddy’s money. He earned a degree in Physics. You can “fake” a lot of majors; Physics isn’t one of them. Although born and raised in New York and having spent important time abroad Phil settled down in Tennessee a long time ago. He was mayor of Nashville from 1991 to 1999 and served as Governor of the Volunteer State from 2003 to 2011. In between he has been a very successful businessman with a current net worth estimated to be in the nine figures.

Phil is probably most accurately described, like a lot of Americans, as fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Considering the effects of the Trump Tower Tax Cut on the national debt a small dose of fiscal conservatism doesn’t sound all that bad to this progressive.

As both a mayor and a governor Phil has an established track record of bring businesses to his city and then state. Not promises or naming deals but real accomplishments. Bredesen is opposed to Trump’s tariffs which are already starting to have a negative effect on the American economy.

Bredesen believes in health care availability for all. He has some different approaches on how to deliver it and a proven track record of taking over a broken system and making it much more inclusive and economically feasible. The best health care system in the world is useless if you can’t access it!

From a progressives viewpoint Bredesen’s most attractive platform plank is public education. He has a long track record of supporting and improving public education in Tennessee. Also, he is a huge proponent of public libraries. A trained, educated and literate workforce will not only help the economy; it will make better decisions at the polls. Is it any wonder Republicans fear public education and critical thinking?

While he may be a little late to the table and play his cards close to the vest on some social issues, Bredesen is pro-choice and supports same-sex adoption.

While Tennessee is technically a border state and has a few relatively large cities it is culturally a rural Southern state. For a politician to be anything but an unqualified gun rights advocate takes courage. Bredesen is like most Americans, including American gun owners, in that he favors universal background checks and the banning of bump stocks.

Today gives its unqualified endorsement to Phil Bredesen for the United States Senate from the State of Tennessee.

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