The Endorsement Of Mandela Barnes

Wisconsin. In 2022 it is a swing state with a clear choice when it comes to the Senate race!

Mandela Barnes is the Democratic nominee running against an incumbent Republican who could be called the Senator from Moscow. His opponent, whose sanity comes into question, has been Putin’s greatest mouthpiece in the upper chamber.

Barnes currently serves as Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor and the old political operative in me will note never has won statewide election on his own. He is very progressive in the model of AOC or Bernie Sanders. He is a very disciplined candidate who is running a center-left campaign. He is also a realist who know how to compromise in the realization that the good is not the enemy of his perceived perfect.

Barnes is in favor of Medicare for All, the Green New Deal and eliminating the Senate filibuster. In the campaign he has shown a willingness to compromise.

He is pro-labor and job creation. He recognizes that he needs to serve both the interests of the urban and rural populations. We don’t talk about it a lot but having lived in both environments over the past 20 years there very much is an rural-urban divide and the government must serve both because society needs both.

As I often do, I will judge Barnes in part by the company he keeps. He has a plethora of endorsements from labor, agriculture, public employees including educators, along with gun safety and environmental groups.

Like most candidates Barnes is not perfect. There are a few controversies in his past. When compared to his Republican opponent he is an angel! At least he is not an obvious racist, has never advocated (and possibly more) the overthrow of American democracy and the nullification of the peoples’ vote.

For those of you “keeping score” a Barnes victory would be a flip and a win for America.

This article is relatively short because the point is obvious. wholeheartedly endorses Mandela Barnes for the United States Senate from Wisconsin!

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