The Endorsement Of Maggie Hassan

The endorsement of Maggie Hassan would be perfectly justified simply based on the fact that her Republican opponent is a danger to American democracy. That alone would be enough, but there is so much more.

Maggie Hassan in a workhorse, not a show horse. Despite wrapping up her first term in the Senate she wouldn’t be picked out of many lineups. She doesn’t do a lot of national TV and hasn’t been seduced by the omnipresent Capital Hill cameras. She just keeps her nose to the grindstone and gets a lot of bi-partisan work done. Considering that in most cases it takes 60 votes in the Senate to get things passed that’s an important quality.

As you might have guessed Hassan isn’t a pure progressive; she is a left of center, common sense, practical legislator. She is well qualified for the job. She was elected to the New Hampshire State Senate 3 times and the governorship twice. Keep in mind that New Hampshire is the most purple state in New England. Compromise gets things done.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things in her background is that after getting her bachelor’s degree from Brown and a subsequent law degree she served as Associate Counsel for Brigham and Women’s Hospital, one of America’s premiere hospitals. While it vastly improved with Obamacare, America still has a sub-par health care delivery system and having someone in the Senate with that background is desirable.

While she is generally not fully on board with every item in every progressive wish list, she is a dependable Democratic vote on the big issues. An example is that she gets a “D” from the NRA. As a progressive I’d prefer an “F” but “Ds” don’t get innocent people killed.

Her big talking point issue this campaign is a women’s right to choose. She is for codifying Roe.

Going to the kitchen table, she is for lowering the cost of prescription drugs.

Protecting veterans’ rights and benefits is also one of her big causes.
Hassan won’t let senior citizens down. She is for protecting Social Security and Medicare not reviewing them every five years like the head of the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott.

You can tell a lot about a candidate by who their supporters are. Emily’s List and the League of Conservation Voters are two of her biggest campaign contributors. Let’s see: women’s rights, clean air to breathe and clean water to drink; I think I can get on board with those causes.

Hassan is not flashy but she is what I term a practical progressive with a sense of the achievable and endorses her for the United States Senate from New Hampshire.

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