The Endorsement Of Katie Hobbs

One of the things I did for the 2022 mid-term is pay decent attention to governors’ races for the first time in this column’s history. I’m basically an East Coast/Midwestern guy but today I want to take you far west of the Mississippi River to Arizona. Arizona is a purple state where the battle for American democracy is very much being waged. Part of preserving the America I know and love entails taking the governorship of Arizona this fall.

The Republican candidate is slick but a clear and present danger to American democracy and modern America for that matter. Her Democratic opponent is Katie Hobbs who, while not a pure progressive, is certainly an American, part of the solution to domestic terrorism and center-left. Democracy is on the many ballots this fall and certainly on every ballot in Arizona.

Hobbs has served the people of the Grand Canyon State as a State Representative, State Senator and currently serves as State Secretary of State. An Arizona native, her bachelor’s is from Northern Arizona University and she also hold an MSW (Master of Social Worker – generally considered the terminal degree in that field) from Arizona State.

Hobbs feels that women should have the right to choose when it comes to childbirth, and that how they manage that decision should be between them and their doctor. As a social worker part of her experience is with domestic violence, she has seen how women can be exploited in very dangerous ways.

As a border state the issue of immigration is much more up close and personal in Arizona than it is in many other sections of the country. Hobbs is a proponent of true comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level. It is time to stop treating this issue as a political football and at least try to fix it!

Hobbs truly believes in the sanctity of the vote and democracy. She wants people to be able to vote and have that vote to counted. You might say she believes in arithmetic over malarkey.

East of the Mississippi clean, plentiful water is pretty much a given unless you are Black and live in a city in a state that is controlled by Republicans (looking at you Flint, Michigan before the current administration and Jackson, Mississippi). In many western states, Arizona certainly included, that is not the case. Arizona is one of the few states in the union that doesn’t have an agency dedicated to water and the environment. Hobbs has pledged that if elected she will do all she can to change that. Sounds like a common sense step in trying to solve a problem.

Considering all this enthusiastically endorses Katie Hobbs for Governor of Arizona!

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