The Endorsement Of Josh Stein

The election this November will be a humdinger! Most of the attention will be on the top of the ballot. With the last article of my holiday hiatus and the first “non-dictated” of the year I thought I’d start out with a down ballot endorsement in my home state. The endorsement of Josh Stein for Governor of North Carolina.

Again, Stein and I have traveled in many of the same political circles but we have never met. This endorsement is earned, not a personal favor!

Josh is currently the Attorney General of North Carolina. He has proven he can win statewide in the Tar Heel State and to a political junkie or operative that is a huge deal. In many states the AG race is at best an afterthought, North Carolina is not one of those states.
His educational record is sterling. He earned his Bachelor’s at Dartmouth, and holds both an M.P.A. and J.D. from Harvard.

Prior to his time as AG, he served in the North Carolina Senate.

Josh has been an advocate for women’s, seniors and children’s issues. He was one of four state AGs who lead the opioid fight. He also successfully sued the vape manufacturer Juul.

He has been so good in his role of deciding when and where to allocate his office’s assets that the Republicans (who control the state’s General Assembly) passed legislation allowing them to skirt his office and pass out legal work to their financiers, (ROI?). In North Carolina one political party is the guardian of the people’s money and the Republicans aren’t that party.

Stein’s endorsement list is particularly impressive. (Remember I’m writing this in early December of 2023 and that is extremely early in the 2024 race.) If I listed all his endorsements that would be my entire artilce. Instead, I’ll just highlight a few that were particularly meaningful to me.

Stein has endorsement from organized labor, public education and the League of Conservation Voters. I’m omitting many but here is a list of personal endorsement from people I know whose opinions and judgement I trust: Governor Roy Cooper, former Governor Jim Hunt, retired U.S, Representative G. K. Butterfield, former North Carolina State Supreme Court Justice Sam Ervin IV, along with current North Carolina Representatives Sarah Crawford and Pricey Harrison. Keep in mind these are just the people I know that have endorsed Josh. Any one of them would make me want to vote for him, let alone this collection.

If you, like me, vote in the Tar Heel state please join me in voting for Josh Stein for Governor this fall.

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