The Endorsement Of Josh Shapiro

Who goes there? That is the challenge question in many wars. The reason for it is to ascertain whether the “intruder” is friend or foe. Democracy should be asking the same question in the Pennsylvania Governor’s race this year. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro is a defender, let alone friend, of democracy and his Republican opponent is certainly not! That alone is reason enough for all voters in the Keystone state to cast a vote for him this fall, but there is more.

Shapiro is the current Attorney General of Pennsylvania. In that capacity he has worked to ensure that the voters’ votes are counted. (Isn’t that the basic foundation of a democracy?)

This is a race where in reality two offices are on the line. In Pennsylvania the Governor gets to appoint the Secretary of State who oversees elections. Shapiro’s opponent is a Trumper who has pledged to negate the votes of the people if the outcome of them doesn’t please him. What countries does that remind you of? Certainly not the United States of America.

Prior to becoming the AG, Shapiro served on the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors and in the Pennsylvania Legislature. So, he has a pretty solid background in public service at both the local and state levels.

He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Rochester. Rochester is not well known but it is a very, very good academic institution. Allow me a personal story. Many years ago, I was on a scouting assignment on a Saturday night on Rochester’s campus to see a basketball game. The toughest parking space wasn’t by the gym; it was near the library which was packed. Shapiro also picked up a law degree at Georgetown.

Rounding out the resume a bit, Shapiro is a progressive who has a track record of defending women’s rights in addition to voting rights, he supports a $15 per hour minimum wage. He also has an impressive laundry list of unions supporting him.

This may well fall into the no-brainer category but nonetheless enthusiastically endorses Josh Shapiro to be Pennsylvania’s next Governor! Unlike his opponent, he is a true friend of America and American democracy.

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