The Endorsement of Jon Tester

But he is not a progressive? He is far from a shoe-in in November? I anticipate both of those critiques from my readers as I write this. Here are the bottom lines: Jon is a good man (don’t discount that factor!), a reliable Democratic vote in the Senate and in the current political situation the Democrats are lucky to have a Senator from deep red Montana. In other words, although it is far from assured, Tester can defend that seat in ’24 and I don’t see another Democrat that can.

One of the many reasons I support Tester is his 2013 vote on Manchin-Toomey. Tester is a gun guy and Montana is very much a gun state. That said, he still voted for the common sense gun reform in that ill fated bill knowing it wasn’t going to be very popular back home.

Jon is a former teacher and still a self-described dirt farmer (currently organic). Americans, regardless of where they live need a strong public education system.

Democrats don’t exactly have a deep bench of rural congressional members. From first hand experience, Jon knows the trials of the family farmer and the Wi-Fi challenges many rural Americans live with.

Tester’s involvement in public education wasn’t limited to a few faculty years. He served on the Big Sandy School Board of Trustees and was a vocal and successful advocate for public education funding.

Farming is his heritage. His grandfather homesteaded over a century ago and the family has kept their hands in Montana dirt since. Land and particularly water issues are much more complex west of the Mississippi River and Jon has lived them his entire life. I increasingly rely on endorsements and ratings from the League of Conservation Voters. The last time I checked they rated Jon an 86.

While not a knee jerk progressive Jon is on the correct side much, much more often than not. He voted for Obamacare and Dodd-Frank. He is also pro-choice and pro-LGBTQ+. Remember this is a red state senator.

Jon is the Chair of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee and a solid supporter of veterans benefits and advocate for them especially the disabled among them. Tester knows something about dealing with a physical challenge having lost three of his fingers at a young age.

They simply don’t get much better than the big guy from Montana. In a red or blue state for that matter. That said proudly makes Join Tester its first Senate endorsement of the 2024 cycle!

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