The Endorsement Of John Fetterman

6 foot 8 inches tall, with a bald head, wearing a hoodie and baggy gym shorts over his tattoos. That is the way John Fetterman most often appears on the campaign trail. Not exactly your typical political candidate. But he may well be the margin of difference in saving democracy this fall.

Fetterman is currently the Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania and the Democrats’ candidate to replace the retiring Pat Toomey. As of this writing his Republican opponent is unknown but that doesn’t really matter; neither is anything to write home about!

Many feel the key to the Democrat’s resurgence is to regain the blue collar vote that was once almost a given for Democrats. While very much a progressive, Fetterman looks and acts much more like a guy who showers after work. If a Democratic candidate can get some of those labor voters back, especially in a state like Pennsylvania, Fetterman is it.

Fetterman is a solid progressive who holds the laundry list of progressive positions. He favors a $15 per hour minimum wage, a wealth tax, Medicare for all or at least a generous expansion of Obamacare, universal background checks for gun purchases and supports a woman’s right to choose. See a common theme? Fetterman wants to protect and give the average guy or gals an even break.

Important in a Senate that is structurally skewed to overrepresented the less populous states, Fetterman is in favor of scrapping the filibuster. Think of the good that a Democratic majority in both chambers along with a Democrat in the White House can do sans the filibuster. Worried about some future? Putting it in baseball terms, people don’t often call for the head of a manger whose teams are winning divisions.

This fall will be a battle for the Senate and if democracy is to endure in America the Democrats must win. Pennsylvania represents perhaps the best opportunity for the Democrats to pick up a seat. (Think how much less powerful Joe Manchin would be in a Senate where Chuck Schumer had a cushion of a vote or two.)

On the academic front Fetterman is very well qualified with an MBA from UConn and a masters degree in Public Policy from Harvard. Not bad for a kid who started college as a division III football player.

He might not be the actor would cast as a  Senator in a movie, but he has our unqualified and enthusiastic endorsement for the United States Senate from the Keystone State.

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