The Endorsement Of Joe Biden

If you are a regular reader today’s article is not unexpected (pardon the double negative but it communicates the message exceedingly well) and it comes among weird circumstances which I will also comment on. Nonetheless, the core message is critical to the survival of democracy and America as we know it. Let’s explore.

Today is the first day of the 2020 Democratic National Convention. I’ve been a political junkie for decades. The first conventions I watched were the 1960 Democratic and Republican National Conventions. (Yes, I was less than ten years old.) In those days the conventions actually had some suspense and doubt because the Presidential nominee was determined there along with the identity of the Veep nominee. In recent years they have become little more than infomercials for a ticket determined weeks before where the “excitement” was provided by media people trying to fill air and steal viewers from competitors often reporting on stories that were either insignificant or non-existent. I wonder what this year’s conventions will produce along with how they will be covered and viewed, including by me.

If you have been paying attention, or look at’s 2020 Endorsements Section, you will see that Joe Biden is our second endorsement for the presidency. That requires a little explaining. My first choice (as I indicated in an article last week) was Kamala Harris. I took my time and paid a lot of attention to the large and in many cases extremely talented pool of candidates delaying the endorsement until just before early voting in the North Carolina Primary. By that time Harris had dropped out making Amy Klobuchar my choice. By the time Super Tuesday came around Klobuchar had also dropped out. Truth be told, there were several candidates that I was extremely comfortable with and that very much included Joe Biden who the Democratic Party ended up rallying around.

This was all pre-COVID (which we the populous started taking very seriously about mid-March) and it was a different world. Due to lack of leadership at the top America is in worse physical and economic shape than any similar country with respect to the pandemic. The virus is running wild, unemployment is at Great Depression levels and the economy is tanking. We still have the long neglected social inequity and immigration problems that have plagued America in varying degrees for decades (if not since its inception). Today the only thing that is certain is uncertainty.

Joe Biden is the man for the moment. (The only reason we don’t have a woman for the moment is historical gender inequality.) He has the experience, wisdom, judgement and compassion to provide the needed leadership to right the ship of state.

Progressives will (rightfully) complain that they would like someone a bit further left. Allow me to paraphrase the de facto leader of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders views the 2020 election as a two objective mission. Objective #1 is to remove Donald Trump from the Oval Office by electing Joe Biden. Objective #2 is to make Joe Biden the most progressive president in American history. NOTE: you cannot achieve Objective #2 without first achieving Objective #1! Does anyone out there think Donald Trump will ever be more progressive than Joe Biden?

I’ll touch on the third party votes or sit it out protests. They are both stupid and counterproductive. Insulting words? Perhaps, but this is serious. America hasn’t been at this much risk since the attack on Pearl Harbor. Progressives who sit home or vote for some third party candidate with no chance of winning are effectively voting to give Trump a second term. If you doubt my analysis just look at the 2016 election results in a few states Trump won in the Great Lakes Region.

This is far from the boilerplate endorsement article because this is far from a usual time. We are living the curse: May you live in interesting times. To steal a line from The Lincoln Project, “It’s Trump or America” and Biden is the only candidate who can defeat Trump.

For those who are critical of Biden’s age – remember Trump is no youngster either – I offer Kamala Harris as defense Exhibit A. Harris is 55 (youthful for an American politician at the top levels) and if elected will serve an “apprenticeship” under Biden presumably becoming the prohibitive favorite as his successor in a coming Democratic primary.

America’s best path forward is to elect the ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. It is with absolutely no reservation or qualification that endorses Joe Biden for the presidency of the United States of America! The choice is clear and so will America’s future be under a President Joe Biden.

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  1. How long do we think it will take for the right wingers and Fox folks to finally start pronouncing her name correctly?

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