The Endorsement Of Joe Biden

It may seem early but if you read the following you will see that endorsing Joe Biden for reelection was an inevitability. And a well justified one at that! Let me begin with the practicality and then move on to the justification.

The winner of the 2024 presidential election will be either the Democratic or the Republican nominee. That seems obvious enough. There will be a plethora of “third party” candidates; there always are. None of them will have a chance.

On the Democratic side as of this writing there are either one or two challengers to Biden; I’m not sure of the number because nobody with any even remote chance of defeating Biden in the primary has even hinted at running let alone declared. In fact, Vermont independent Senator Bernie Sanders, who would at least have a shot, has already endorsed Biden. Barring something unusual happening between here and there Joe Biden will emerge from the 2024 Democratic National Convention in Chicago in August of 2024 as the nominee.

On the Republican side, it’s early but Donald Trump has a commanding lead despite mounting legal problems. His main (and as of this writing undeclared) challenger, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ campaign looks like a ship rapidly taking on water. All other declared and rumored candidates are certainly unacceptable for the job – as Trump has proven he is.

So, 2024 voters will be faced with essentially a binary choice of which Biden is the far superior.

Now let’s briefly (and I fear incompletely) look at Biden’s record a little over two years in.

On the afternoon of January 20, 2021 when Biden took office America was largely shut down largely because of the inept way in which the previous administration handled the pandemic. Biden attacked it in a vigorous and organized manner. Over 500 million vaccine shots got in people’s arms and America reopened. Not only did he recoup all the jobs lost under Trump but he added to the total.

Instead of keeping interest rates near zero to stimulate the economy (as it was forced to under Trump) the Fed repeatedly raised rates to cool it down. I think the Fed has gone overboard but near zero rates were no longer needed. People have jobs and wages were up.

Infrastructure week was the punchline to many a joke under Trump. Under Biden a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package was assembled and passed through an often less than cooperative Congress to address the issue. Inadequate, but the largest in history.

Arguably the most serious challenge the world faces is climate change. The Republicans deny man’s involvement in it and in extreme (although not rare) cases deny its very existence. Biden led the charge to get $369 billion earmarked to combat it. Again, not enough but more than any previous administration had accomplished.

Also on the climate front, Biden almost immediately upon taking office rejoined the Paris Climate Accord.

Dealing with the mess left to him exacerbated by an impractical “exit plan” negotiated under Trump, Biden finally got America out of the war in Afghanistan. As any sober mind would have anticipated America’s action had no lasting impact on Afghanistan but at least Biden (in less than his finest hour) “stopped the bleeding” of American lives and treasure.

Inflation and supply chain issues plagued America as a result of the transitional economy coming out of a pandemic and because of the global economic disruption caused by Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. If you look at the leading, not lagging, economic indicators inflation is nearly under control.

Biden led the global effort to defend democracy in part by strengthening NATO. Finland is now a full member doubling the land border NATO has with Russia. Sweden is soon to also join the alliance. Almost everyone, myself included, expected Russia to overrun Ukraine in a matter of days and forced the Zelenskyy government into exile if not overthrow it. With massive Biden-led western aid the Ukrainians have held out for over a year now and have a good chance of coming away intact and still a democracy.

The Biden administration helped lower drug costs by taking some common sense steps that helped almost all Americans, particularly seniors. Working for the American people instead of Big Pharma, what a concept!

The Biden administration boosted the funding for the IRS which will enable it to hire more and more highly skilled people to go after big tax cheats. The Republicans are fighting this tooth and nail with among other things a disinformation campaign.

The above “list” is incomplete, regardless the choice is obvious. Sans even a hint of reservation endorses Joe Biden for reelection to the presidency in 2024!

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