The Endorsement Of Jay Inslee

America is a large and diverse country. Most issues of significance are national if not global. However some issues are much more regional. I am very familiar with most issues that are native to areas east of the Mississippi. I was born in the north east and have now lived in the south for what is approaching twenty years. My native Buffalo is much more like a mid-western city than an east coast one so I’m familiar with the mindset and concerns of mid-westerners. There are a few very important issues that largely play out in the western states. I need to learn more about them. However I can judge a westerner by their stances on issues I’m familiar with figuring that good reasoning will carry over into other issues. I can also judge them by the company they keep. Therefore I am happy to announce that is endorsing Washington Governor Jay Inslee for reelection to office!

This is a case where initially another endorsement put Inslee on my “endorsement radar screen”. That endorsement came from Senator Maria Cantwell. If I had to describe the Washington state Democrat in one phrase it would be “very smart’. If Senator Cantwell endorses someone I’m willing to take a long, hard look at them. In Inslee’s case I did and I liked what I saw!

Jay has a long record of public service. He spent two terms in the Washington State House of Representatives before winning a term in D.C.’s House. He was defeated in his bid for reelection in a Republican wave year. An attorney, he went back into private practice for a bit eventually landing a position in Bill Clinton’s administration.

He later ran for the House again, winning “reelection” and went on to serve six plus terms until he resigned to run for his current position. He won the Governorship in 2012 and is facing reelection.

Resumes and friends are nice but it’s time to look as Inslee’s stances. He is pro- public education which plays big with me. Jay has had a decade’s long interest in energy efficiency and the environment. He wants to wean America off fossil fuels and is in favor of developing renewable energy.   Unlike many on the GOP side, Jay believes global warming is real and a threat.

His “western side” comes out in his concerns for water distribution and conservation. Nuclear waste disposal is also a concern of the Governor’s. In America we have tended to dispose of our nuclear waste in the western part of the country so it has become more of a regional issue. Easterners, myself included, don’t tend to be knowledgeable on the topic. That does not diminish its seriousness in the least bit!   Inslee has a history of being a friend of national parks.

Inslee showed his progressive side by being a proponent of same-sex civil marriage before it became a given. (Yes, right wing extremists – marriage equality is now a given in America.)

During his time in Congress Inslee displayed his foresight and courage in many votes. I want to cite two in particular. He voted for a ban on assault weapons as well as the passage of Obamacare.

The bravery continued into the Governor’s mansion where on February 11, 2014 Inslee issued a moratorium on executions. That move will not be popular with some and certainly leave him vulnerable to political attack, but it is undeniably the right thing to do.

I have no reservation whatsoever in giving Jay Inslee an unqualified endorsement for the governorship of the State of Washington.

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