The Endorsement Of Jason Kander

Missouri represents one of the best chances the Democrats have of picking up a Senate seat this November and they have an outstanding candidate in Jason Kander! Kander is the current Missouri Secretary of State, the youngest statewide elected official in America and if elected would be 35 when he took his seat in the United States Senate. In Kander’s case don’t mistake youth for lack of accomplishment!

Kander earned his bachelor’s degree from American University and his law degree from Georgetown. He volunteered to serve in Afghanistan rising to the rank of Captain in the Army. He is currently completing a four year term as Missouri Secretary of State and was the prohibitive favorite for reelection had he not answered the call to run for the US Senate. Prior to being elected Secretary of State he served in the Missouri Legislature.

Kander is Jewish which I’m certain the Missouri Republicans will try to use against him in November. The Missouri GOP is still reeling from a scandal in which they used the fact that one of their own, despite being a Christian had Jewish ancestry in an attempt to smear him. Ah, that right wing selective patriotism and selective adherence to the Constitution again.

Interestingly Kander’s undergrad was at a secular school with a strong Methodist affiliation and his grad school education took place at a Catholic institution. Kander sounds like an American who actually believes in the First Amendment. I vote and endorse “religious blind” – the American way. If any bigots stumbled upon this posting I just killed your “argument” against Kander.

Kander earned his Army commission via ROTC while at Georgetown. In Afghanistan he led a team which investigated corruption in the Afghan government. I’m sure he wasn’t real popular with the powerful denizens and was in constant danger above and beyond what the average GI faced.

His fight to root out, expose and punish corruption and political money laundering didn’t stop when he got back stateside; it has been a hallmark of his work in Missouri. Another passion has been helping children. He authored legislation making it more difficult for parents to use children as pawns in divorce/custody battles. He has also been an outspoken advocate for children’s health care and early childhood educational opportunities.

Jason checks off other progressive boxes. Among them is his pro-union work. He has been legal counsel to the United Transportation Union along with providing legal advice to the Kansas City Fraternal Order of Police. Kander is not one sided on the police-community challenge we currently face in America. He has been a leader in fundraising to help restore Ferguson, Missouri.

He has also been instrumental in strengthening Missouri’s domestic violence and sexual assault laws. In particular he has concentrated on anti-stalking and anti-sex trafficking legislation. Due to my work with Safe Space over the last several years this area has become a particular passion of mine.

I would not hesitate one bit to endorse Kander on his record of accomplishments alone. When you consider that his opponent is the (currently favored) incumbent Republican Senator Roy Blunt it becomes a no-brainer! Kander’s election won’t be easy but it is attainable. He needs a big outpouring of support and most of all a big Democratic turnout in the fall. proudly and without reservation asks all its readers to support and its Missouri readers to vote for Jason Kander for the United States Senate!

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  1. It will be hard for Roy Blunt to exploit Kander’s religion since he is married to a Jewish woman.

    1. The Republican nominee for Governor, Eric Greitens, is also Jewish (and also a military veteran, like Kander).

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