The Endorsement Of Jamie Harrison

Can a black, male Democrat win a United States Senate seat in South Carolina in the early 21st century? We are about to find out soon. Let’s explore.

I hate to make this contest sound like it is all about race. I didn’t make it that way; in apparent desperation incumbent Republican Senator Lindsey Graham did. I don’t believe Graham is personally a racist but he has adopted the strategy of appealing to every racist in the Palmetto State in hope that they show up at the polls for him. (He’ll get help from President Trump on that count assuming Trump is the Republican nominee.) His opponent will be Democrat Jamie Harrison who is African-American. Graham is relying on Trump’s racist supporters to show up at the polls. If there was any doubt Graham removed it earlier this month when he backed up Trump’s use of the word, “Lynching”. It was a not so subtly, but very disgusting, dog whistle to all racists that Lindsey has your back so send him back to Washington. This is especially vulgar when you consider the history of lynching across the south including in South Carolina.

Harrison is another of the “first round draft choices” Chuck Schumer and company have been able to recruit for 2020. I’ve watched Jamie’s career from afar for a few years now. He is an impressive young man (if elected he would be 44 when he took his seat in the upper chamber). He is infectiously optimistic; perhaps, just a bit too much for my political operative side which tends to be a tad conservative in action if not policy. Jamie is one of the founding fathers of the “Every ZIP code counts” movement in the Democratic Party which is basically a modern day version of Howard Dean’s old 50 state strategy. I tend to be a bit squeamish about spending money on what might prove to be a Hail Marry when that same dollar gives me an almost guaranteed return on investment elsewhere. Jamie doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned.

Harrison has never held public office but that doesn’t mean he is unprepared for the Senate. He grew up poor, so he knows what suffering is and challenges are. He also overcame them. He graduated from Yale with a degree in Political Science. He went there on an academic scholarship. A few years later he earned his law degree from Georgetown.

He cut his political teeth working for one of the masters of our time, Representative Jim Clyburn. Not too many better teachers than Clyburn. From 2013 to 2017 he was the Chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party. He took his considerable intelligence and glowing personality to the national air waves to advocate for his state and in particular its poorest, least well represented people.

He took a stab at the DNC Chairmanship eventually dropping out of the race and endorsing eventual winner Tom Perez.

To date Jamie has raised a record amount of money for a South Carolina Democrat. That along with his positive, can do attitude have him only seven points behind Graham in the latest available polling. While he is still an underdog and may very well be going into the final month, he is far from a lost cause. He has it close enough that the DNC, DSCC and major donors will have to keep an eye on this race. If nothing else he is going to make the Republicans work a lot harder to defend Graham than they thought going into this race. South Carolina polls close early on Election Day and this race may be an indicator of how the evening is going.

So here is your choice South Carolina: A bright young kid (hey, 44 is a kid to me) who is inclusive and optimistic or a has been, never gonna be Trump sycophant who seems to have completely sold out without his old buddy John McCain to keep him in the people’s lane.

I began this posting with a question. In Jamie Harrison the Democrats found the best candidate to make the answer affirmative and that is among the reasons why is proud to endorse him for the United States Senate in South Carolina.

This article was written well ahead of publishing in order to accommodate my travel schedule.

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