The Endorsement Of Jacky Rosen

Often in politics it is the endorsements of friends that bring a candidate to my attention. That’s the whole point of endorsements, isn’t it? Jacky Rosen has previously garnered the endorsements of Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America and Emily’s List. Is it any surprise that today she can add

Rosen is a short timer in politics but a long time practitioner of a philosophy she learned from her Jewish faith: she feels she has a moral obligation to all her fellow man. I remember decades ago, while making a public appearance representing the Democratic Party my companion was asked why he was a Democrat. He seamlessly answered, “Because I like to help people.”   Jacky is saying basically the same thing.

Rosen was elected to the House in 2016 and this year represents one of the few pickup opportunities in the Senate races. She has a very legitimate chance of knocking off Republican Senator Dean Heller who Donald Trump has scared into his pocket – the one he keeps his stamp pad in. If the Democrats can net two Senate seats this November – and that will be very difficult – they can displace Mitch McConnell from the Majority Leader slot and begin to stop the Trump Train of destruction by controlling the Senate agenda.   Imagine good bills reaching the floor while bad bills either don’t or go down in flames.

Rosen’s political philosophy reads like a progressive’s dream. Here are some examples:

She is pro-public education including STEM programs. Rosen recognizes the barriers the high cost of post-secondary education erect including student debt and just plain making that education out of reach for too many. In an aligned stance she believes in growing the economy (and good jobs in the process) by investing in R&D along with vocational training coupled with apprentice programs. Our economy recovered from the Great Depression (despite the end of World War II which normally would have meant an economic recession) because of, not in spite of a strong and emerging middle class.

Her own education took a non-traditional path. After earning her bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota she attended a junior college to earn an associate’s degree in a more vocational area which is what she pursued a career in.

With a lifetime rating of 97 from the League of Conservation voters it is no surprise that Jacky is a proponent of renewable energy.

In another stance that seems to be straight out of Bernie Sanders’ playbook she supports a Constitutional Amendment overturning Citizens United.

Her website actually uses Senator Sanders’ language when it says she believes, “Heath care is a right, not a privilege.”

Rosen wants to see Washington achieve comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship while protecting the Dreamers in the process.

Rosen believes in keeping America safe and strong. Part of her method is a strong cybersecurity program led by the Department of Defense.

Jacky supports the same common sense gun regulations that most Americans, including the majority of American gun owners do. She is in favor of expanded background checks, limiting magazine capacity, and bans on military-style assault weapons along with bump stocks. No radical, Second Amendment infringing ideas on that list.

Looking for family values? Rosen displays them. She supports a $15 per hour minimum wage along with access to family and medical leave. Drawing on her own family experience she hasn’t forgotten senior citizens. Rosen is a strong defender of Social Security and Medicare.

As you would expect she supports equal pay for women and their right to choose.

This may have been an easy one, but it is with great enthusiasm that endorses Jacky Rosen for the United States Senate in Nevada.

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