The Endorsement Of Hillary Clinton

I see no finer, more qualified candidate for President of the United States emerging in the 2016 field than Hillary Clinton. She has a combination of education, maturity, political and life experience superior to any candidate of either Party declared or rumored.

Clinton graduated from Yale’s Law School and then did post-doctoral work.

She has lived in four states, (Arkansas, Connecticut, Illinois and New York), in addition to the District of Columbia. That doesn’t include brief stints in California, Massachusetts and Texas to name just three. She has seen the diversity of America first hand.

Despite coming from a solid middle class background and spending almost all her life in the middle or upper class, she has displayed empathy for and understanding of those who have less through her work at almost every station in life. Like Franklin Roosevelt, she proves you don’t have to be poor to understand the plight of the poor.

Clinton has served in both the executive and legislative branches of government. While it may not be an official position, she was the First Lady of the United States, (FLOTUS), for eight years. She was involved in much more than just decorating and the social schedule. She was also Secretary of State for four years. In my opinion the job of Secretary of State is the most demanding job in American government. In both positions she saw the world meeting world leaders up close and personal including negotiating with them. I can think of few people in the world who have a more impressive Rolodex.

She won election to the United States Senate twice, (2000 and 2006). This coupled with her time as First Lady gave her a working knowledge of Congress and how Washington really works. Don’t forget she was also First Lady of Arkansas which gives her a good insight into how a state government works.

I think two of the few failures in her life will actually make her a more effective candidate and President. She lost the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination to her then fellow Senator Barack Obama. Obama went on to win the general. The lessons learned in that loss and being able to see the person who defeated her go on to win the ultimate prize has provided her with a unique learning experience.

As FLOTUS she tried to get national health insurance legislation passed. The derisive nickname opponents came up with for it was Hillarycare. In his first term President Obama was successful in getting Obamacare enacted. Obama used a different strategy than Clinton. There were certainly other factors at work but nonetheless this is another learning experience that will pay benefits when she takes her seat behind the big desk in the Oval Office.

Recently Hillary became a grandmother. Perhaps it is because my favorite role in life in that of Grandpa, but I think reaching that position in life mellows a person making them more reflective and cognizant of others’ needs.

Hillary Clinton is not the dream progressive candidate. I have not and will not always agree with her on every position she takes. The reality is that I am a little further left of center than the American electorate or the Democratic Party. America could do much worse than electing Hillary Clinton as its 45th President but it won’t be able to do better. is proud to make its first endorsement for the 2016 elections Hillary Clinton for President of the United States of America!

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