The Endorsement Of Deborah Ross

Although there was an inside baseball tipping point, there are a variety of reasons I resigned my position as Franklin County (NC) Democratic Party Chair in 2014. Among them is that I am now a totally free agent and able to endorse contested Democrats. Deborah Ross will have one or more opponents in the March 15th North Carolina Democratic primary for the United States Senate and she will win. My hope is that she goes on to defeat incumbent Republican Senator Richard Burr in the November general election!

Ross graduated from Ivy League Brown University before gaining her Juris Doctorate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Law School. If those academic credentials aren’t sufficiently impressive add to them the fact that she taught law classes at Duke’s law school.

She spent seven years as an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). That establishes her progressive credentials.

Ross spent five plus terms in the North Carolina House of Representatives. During which time she rose into Party leadership establishing and honing her political skills.

In legal, legislative and rhetorical actions Ross has been an advocate for victims of domestic violence. She is solidly pro-labor and expects people to get a fair shake from employers and regulators.

Deborah has a history of consumer advocacy which would make her a valuable colleague for Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. I can just see them writing and advocating legislation together.

As part of her quest for equality Ross is a friend of public education. I can see her passion dovetailing with the work of Warren and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

During her time in the North Carolina General Assembly she worked especially diligently on ethic and election law reform. At a time when the American people are holding their government in such low regard honesty, trustworthiness and integrity are especially needed.

In short Ross ticks almost all the progressive boxes. It is easy to envision her fitting right in with a new Democratic majority in the next Senate. If her own positives aren’t enough to make you want to back her, consider that her November Republican opponent will be incumbent Senator Richard “Bank Run” Burr. rests it case with a wholehearted endorsement of Deborah Ross for the United States Senate from the state of North Carolina.

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