The Endorsement Of Colin Allred

Nobody can accuse me of picking the low hanging fruit with my 2024 endorsements. Texas is the Democrats’ best pickup opportunity this cycle but is a stretch. Colin Allred is challenging sitting Republican Senator Ted Cruz in the Lone Star State. Texas is trending blue but I’m not sure it is anything but the reddest shade of purple at the moment. (And the Republican controlled Texas legislature along with its Republican Governor and Attorney General certainly aren’t trying to hasten the trend!)

Allred is a youthful (for a Senator) 40 years-old. He is a Dallas area native and has represented the area in the House since 2019. He graduated from Baylor where he played football. Then he spent four years with the Tennessee Titans of the NFL. When he retired from football, he went on the attain his JD at U.C.-Berkley. He then went to work in the Obama administration, first at HUD and then at the Executive Office for United States Attorneys. After that he went to work at a large law firm as a voting right advocate.

So much for biography – which tells a lot and I find impressive – now let’s look at positions and legislative history.

Allred supports women’s rights including the rights to choose and to receive equal pay. This dovetails with his work to expand affordable health care availability including affordable drug prices. He supports legislation that would codify Roe.

Texas is a “guns state” and Allred supports the rights responsible Americans have under the Second Amendment. That said, he supports universal background checks, closing the boyfriend loophole, red flag laws and an assault weapon ban. Incidentally so do the majority of Americans including gun owners.

Texas having the longest southern border immigration is certainly a political topic. Allred supports increased border security mainly relying on the use of technology. I’d call that part of a practical solution. He also supports the plight of Dreamers and a path to citizenship in a reformed immigration system.

Collin is a supporter of enhanced educational opportunities built around strengthening our public education system. That includes universal Pre-K and affordable day care enabling working parents to send their kids to educational programs. Looking at post high school persons he also supports community colleges and training programs. Education is not a one size fits all proposition.

If you think Allred is another, give it all away liberal; think again. He is one of the rare political office holders to enjoy the endorsement of both the U. S. Chamber of Commerce and the AFL-CIO.

He is a strong defender of democracy both in America and globally. Collin favors overturning Citizens United by legislative act. He also is a strong supporter of Ukraine and Israel’s right to defend their democracies.

One issue you don’t hear many candidates talk about is the plight of rural hospitals. Allred does and he wants to keep them open.
Allred has a history of inclusiveness; that he supports LGBTQ+ rights is certainly no surprise.

Texas is a huge and somewhat diverse; so is America. Allred is a supporter of a common sense “all of the above” environmental policy. It’s simple: we need to save the planet and the best approach may differ from location to location.

He hasn’t forgotten veterans and seniors. He supports expanding VA benefits and facilities including for the treatment of PTSD. Allred is also committed to protecting both Medicare and Social Security.

This is a race with a huge potential for post-Election Day shenanigans! That said and in full awareness that Allred is the underdog enthusiastically endorses Colin Allred for the United States Senate from Texas!

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