The Endorsement Of Chris Van Hollen

Some endorsement decisions are actually rather difficult. While I may think the candidate I am considering is better than their opponent, that doesn’t mean they rise to the level of being worthy of endorsement in my mind. I find I almost never agree with a candidate 100% of the time. Often I have to see if I’m willing to trade off a little lack of a progressive stance for the practicality at hand. It is without dilemma that I endorse Representative Chris Van Hollen for the open United States Senate seat being vacated by long-time Democratic Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski.

Van Hollen has what seems like the perfect resume and voting record for a Democratic endorsement. Born in Pakistan to a father in the US Foreign Service and a mother who has stints with the CIA and State Department on her resume, Van Hollen lived in Turkey, India and Sri Lanka before he completed his education in America. That includes a Bachelor’s from Swarthmore, Master’s in Public Policy from Harvard and Juris Doctorate from Georgetown.

Van Hollen was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2002. By 2006 Nancy Pelosi created a special slot in leadership for Chris. He has served in various capacities since but has never left House Democratic Leadership. He didn’t spend that time just occupying space. Among his most notable achievements is recruiting and getting many current House Democrats elected along with being instrumental in the passage of Obamacare.

Van Hollen checks off almost every progressive box when it comes to policy and voting history. He is pro public education, clean energy, the environment, disabled persons rights, sensible gun regulation, animal rights, raising the minimum wage and pay equity for women.

Chris is against a few things like repeal of the Estate Tax, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with the influence of money in elections.

Van Hollen is a proven congressional leader with a track record of accomplishment. Barbara Mikulski was a blood and guts legend in the Senate who cannot be replaced by a lightweight. Chris Van Hollen wants the “promotion” to the Senate and urges all the Marylanders who read this column to help make that happen.

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