The Endorsement Of Cheri Beasley

I have lived in North Carolina for more than a decade. Both the choice and the stakes are clear when it comes to the U.S. Senate race in the Tar Heel state this fall. I’d rank a state or two ahead of it in probability of flipping a Senate seat but it will certainly be one of the biggest battlegrounds. It may be a slight exaggeration but I see the choice akin to one between good and evil one.

Cheri Beasley is the Democratic candidate and the “good” in my above appraisal. Beasley is fairly characterized as a moderate progressive – you can’t elect and Bernie Sanders or AOC in North Carolina in 2022. The seat is open because a much conflicted (I’m being kind) Republican is retiring and the Republican nominee is a solid Trumper. I will make many difficult choices in 2022; voting for Beasley won’t be one of them!

Beasley’s experience is almost exclusively in the legal profession. She holds law degrees from both the University of Tennessee and Duke. She began her legal career as a public defender (ring a bell from the resume of Ketanji Brown-Jackson?). She also served at basically every level of the court system in North Carolina including as the Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court.

Her platform includes assuring access to health care for all, improving the economy with an emphasis on jobs regardless of your zip code, addressing climate change, protecting voting rights and a comprehensive reform of both the immigration and judicial systems.

She has a special soft spot for children and protecting them. That includes strengthening public education and combating human trafficking which especially preys upon youngsters.

That all sounds pretty progressive to me especially in a swing state.
In full disclosure I have met and had a pleasant conversation with Beasley. (I doubt she remembers it.) I also personally voted for her in the North Carolina primary and fully intend to do so again in the general election. endorses Cheri Beasley for the United States Senate without even the slightest hint of a reservation!

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