The Endorsement Of Catherine Cortez Mastro

Democrats in the Intermountain West tend to be a bit more conservative than many of their East or West Coast brethren. In large part that is because they reflect the mindset and values of their neighbors. While at its root America is one big mostly homogenous country there are a few issues that are high on the priority list in the West that simply aren’t at the front of people’s minds in the rest of the country. That is why it is difficult to find an electable progressive in that region. Today I want to speak of an exception to that “rule”: Catherine Cortez Mastro.

Mastro is running to defend the open seat of retiring Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. Her record is remarkably progressive for a non-coastal westerner! She is neither a freak nor a fluke. To the contrary she has about 30 years in government service with a track record of getting things done and taking stances. Her highest profile government position was her two term stint (term limited) as Nevada’s Attorney General. During that time she developed an annual legislative agenda and managed to get almost all of it enacted into law. We have a Congress that can’t seem to get anything other than the most basic things done and then often only after turning them into a manufactured crisis. Here is someone in the executive branch that managed to get legislation through the legislative branch.

Two of her several other government positions especially qualify her for the “promotion” to the United States Senate. She was a federal prosecutor from 1999 to 2001 – remember federal prosecutors serve at the pleasure of the President and the administration’s Party changed in 2001. In that job she brought law breakers to justice. From 2002 to 2005 she was the Assistant County Manager for Clark County Nevada. Clark County is home to Las Vegas which gives Mastro big city experience. She knows the West, along with rural and urban issues.

She could have easily kept her head down and milked some good jobs. That is not the kind of person Catherine Cortez Mastro is. She used her positions as a bully pulpit to help victims of substance abuse, sex trafficking, domestic violence, sexual abuse and cyber bullying.

Mastro has also taken some brave (for a Nevadan) but sensible stances on a few other issues. She is for expanding background checks for gun purchases. She supports a no fly=no buy policy. She wants to prohibit those convicted of domestic abuse from being able to buy handguns.

Mastro favors increasing the minimum wage and absolutely supports equal pay for women.

She is in favor of comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship. This is a hard sell especially along the southern border or out West; however it is the only feasible and moral solution to America’s most challenging social problem. The devil will be in the details but that has to be the goal.

Perhaps most important she realizes that climate change is real and that man’s actions have contributed to the problem. In an election cycle where what I, along with many, feel is the most important issue (climate change) and it has largely gone unaddressed it is refreshing to see someone with a track record of getting things done addressing it!

Last I want to look at where her support is coming from. She has been endorsed by the AFL-CIO, the League of Conservation Voters, Emily’s List and Planned Parenthood. Labor, workers, environmentalist and women: If those are your friends I want to join your club!

It is with total lack of reluctance or reservation that endorses Catherine Cortez Mastro for the United States Senate from Nevada!

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