The Endorsement Of Catherine Cortez Mastro

If after reading the title you are saying, Who? I really can’t blame you. The senior U.S. Senator from Nevada is a workhorse not a show horse. Most people, even political junkies, couldn’t pick her out of a lineup and she is far, far, from a household name. She just labors and votes in the best interest of democracy, Nevada, America and the world.

Catherine Cortez Mastro won election to the Senate in the 2016 with the endorsement of the then retiring and the now late Harry Reid. Her undergraduate degree is from the University of Nevada at Reno and she subsequently earned a law degree from Gonzaga.
Her reelection is anything but a sure bet. The “Reid political machine” was a force in Nevada and how effective it will be since his passing is a question that remains to be answered. This is far from a “gimme” endorsement! To outline the seriousness of this contest in a closely divided Senate and nation it is important to know that her Republican opponent is an election denier closely aligned with Donald Trump.

Cortez Mastro has a very progressive history and platform especially for someone from a swing state. She is in favor filibuster reform. Her favored method is a talking filibuster. She is a solid defender of a woman’s right to choose. She is in favor of gun safety legislation and was co-sponsor of a bill to outlaw bump stocks in the aftermath of the Las Vegas mass shooting.

Let’s look at her endorsers. The League of Conservation voters has endorsed her in large part because of her work to increase investments in renewable energy. It will come as no surprise that both Emily’s List and Planned Parenthood have endorsed her considering her pro-choice history and work. End Citizens, a group dedicated to the overturning of the Citizens United decision, has also endorsed her.

One of her pet projects is trying to enhance and improve Obamacare. Moral arguments aside, without wide access to quality health care we are all in danger because we all breathe the same air.

Cortez Mastro is a westerner, and while droughts and wildfires are not a major problem in the eastern United States – yet, anyway – they are in Nevada. I’ve always envisioned U.S. Senators as among other things, ambassadors to the federal government from their home states. Water and fire are literally matters of life and death in much of America’s west. She is on the forefront of the battle to address those issues.

Perhaps the best reason I can give for supporting Cortez Mastro is that the NRA has given her an “F”; that’s an “A” in my book. In view of all of the above, enthusiastically endorses Catherine Cortez Mastro for the United States Senate from Nevada.

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