The Endorsement Of Angela Alsobrooks

Today’s article will be comprised of three sections followed by a conclusion.

What I Knew Going In

I knew that in order to retain control of the Senate the Democrats had to successfully defend the open seat in Maryland.

What I Didn’t Know Going In

I had never heard of Angela Alsobrooks

What I Know Now

One of the first things I look at when considering whether or not to support a candidate that I’m not familiar with is who is endorsing them. Before the primary Alsobrooks secured the endorsement of New Jersey Senator Cory Booker who I have tremendous respect for. In fact, when I see him speak the thought that most often comes to my mind is how is it that this man has never been elected president? She also secured the endorsement of Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock who I consider the best orator in the Senate.

In her home state she has been endorsed by both the Governor, Wes Moore, and the other sitting Senator Chris Van Hollen. Again, both people that I think highly of.

That alone was cause to consider endorsing her, but I still wanted to know her stances on the issues. If I had to sum up her positions in a single phrase, it is one I’d use to describe myself – practical progressive.

She supports universal Pre-K. I think that is morally correct, a crime preventative and fiscally a great investment. History backs me up on all three counts.

Angela favors expanding the Supreme Court along with term limits for the justices. I certainly support the former and am very, very open to the latter.

She wants to protect voting rights and expand ballot access. I’d call that basic democracy.

She is in favor of eliminating the filibuster. Any way you slice it, the current system needs reform.

On foreign policy, Alsobrooks supports both a two-state solution and Ukraine in its fight for democracy.

Angela’s gun policies are common sense, popular with the majority of American (including gun owners) and achievable in a truly representative Congress. She supports restrictions on semi-automatic weapons with a ban on assault weapons along with limits on magazine capacity, red flag laws, expanded mental help and universal background checks.

She hasn’t forgotten health care or seniors. She is a defender of both Obamacare and Social Security. She also favors allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices.

On immigration she favors in-state tuition for the undocumented (actually a conservative investment that will provide a great return), the Dreamers and a path to citizenship. Those last two are also good economic policy. One of the dirty little secrets is that without immigrants we will have a labor supply shortage in the very near future.

On labor her record is somewhat incomplete but she does support a $15 per hour minimum wage. I’d say that is insufficient in almost all areas of the country but it’s a starting point and much further than most Republicans are willing to go.

On  social issues Alsobrooks is pro-LGBTQ+ along with being pro-choice.


Now that I have learned much more about her is proud to endorse Angela Alsobrooks for the open United States Senate seat from Maryland!

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