The Endorsement Of Andy Kim

If you, like most Americans, think that we need a youth movement among our federal office holders then you will be pleased with today’s endorsement. If you look at who the Democrats are running for the Senate in 2024 – and our endorsements this far – this candidate is not unique in that respect. Are the Democrats offering a youth movement in 2024 if only the voters will enable them to make it a reality?

Forty-one years ago Andy Kim was born in the United States to immigrant parents. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago and his two graduate degrees from Oxford where he made a lifelong friend, Pete Buttigieg.

Kim worked for the State Department including in Afghanistan and then in the Obama White House. In 2018 he won his current House seat by beating a two-term Republican who was opposed to Obamacare.

In the House, Kim’s first bill addressed the high cost of prescription drugs. (Are you already seeing a theme here?)

He came to most of the nation’s attention on January 7, 2021 when, while wearing a blue business suit, he was seen on his hands and knees cleaning up the mess left in the Capital Building by the domestic terrorists the prior day. If you want to see that suit you will have to visit the Smithsonian.

Kim is in favor of aid to Ukraine in its fight to preserve democracy from Russian aggression.

He was appalled by the Dobbs decision and wants to codify Roe into law. Not surprisingly Andy is pro-women’s rights along with supporting both interracial and same sex civil marriage.

In another pro-democracy position he favors reversing Citizens United, by statute, if necessary.

I like to look at endorsements – a kind of a judge people by the company they keep thing – Kim passes that test with flying colors. He is endorsed by both the League of Conservation Voters and NOW. He is male so the NOW endorsement (garnered before a prominent female opponent dropped out of the race) is far from an automatic. Perhaps even more telling is who he is not endorsed by – the NRA. In fact, he has an “F” rating from them; which is an “A” in my book.

Young (by Senate standards anyway), smart, qualified, experienced, caring, progressive and patriotic; I’m certain I missed a few things. is proud to endorse Andy Kim for the United States Senate from New Jersey!

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