The Endorsement Of Amy McGrath

There may be a clearer contrast between two candidates for a U.S. Senate seat in 2020 than between incumbent Republican Senate Majority Leader Moscow Mitch McConnell and his Democratic challenger Amy McGrath but if there is I have yet to see it. Keeping that in mind, let’s explore.

McGrath spent 20 years in the Marines retiring at the rank of Lt. Colonel. During that time she flew 89 fighter combat missions in the Middle East. She also served in Congress on the staff of Democratic Representative Susan Davis of California. Among her other non-combat service assignments was time at the Pentagon. It’s nice to know both the “field” and the “office”. Her last assignment in the Marines was teaching at the Naval Academy where she earned a B.S. in Political Science years before. I guess we can fairly state that she knows both ends of the military classroom also.

Mitch spent 37 days in the Army in 1967. I’m not a military expert but I don’t think 37 days gets you out of basic training and I know it doesn’t earn silver oak leaf clusters.

Since Senators, especially post-Trump, will have to concern themselves with America’s global image it is reassuring to know that McGrath has an M.A. in International and Global Security from Johns Hopkins. McConnell earned the moniker Moscow Mitch for, among other things, hindering the Obama administration from issuing an early warning of Russia’s interference in the 2016 election to the American voters.

One of McGrath’s main campaign themes is being anti-corruption.  For some time now I’ve portrayed the Trump administration as an organized criminal conspiracy. I’ve also likened iTrump and McConnell to two Dons with a turf sharing agreement – Don Trump and Don McConnell. While McGarth’s life appears to be scandal free, McConnell is the poster boy for all that is wrong with the influence of money in politics. McGrath has something McConnell appears to be lacking – a moral compass.

McGrath’s candidacy is a classic good news/bad news story. The good news is that she was a “first round draft choice” and is the Democrats best chance of flipping this seat. The bad news is that McConnell is the favorite and controls the Republican’s Senate campaign purse strings. The silver linings in that cloud are that McGrath can win (it won’t be easy) and she will force McConnell to spend a lot of money in his race that he can’t spread around to other races. Even a close McGrath loss is a win of sorts, but I’d still like to see the Senate Republicans lose their evil, but highly skilled, leader.

McGrath is strong on women’s issues. Even as a young girl she refused to accept the excuse that girls can’t do that. Don’t tell HER that SHE can’t because SHE will and in many cases SHE already has!

To me the choice is clear and that is why is proud to endorse Amy McGrath for the United State Senate from Kentucky.

This article was written well ahead of publishing in order to accommodate my travel schedule.

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