The Endorsement Of Amy Klobuchar For President Of The United States

I promised my readers a presidential endorsement prior to Super Tuesday; today I’m delivering. Please continue to read.

As I listened to Democratic leaning voters the overwhelming quality they were looking for in a nominee is the ability to defeat Donald Trump in November. Many, like me, will support the eventual nominee regardless of who they are. Even in the original field of twentysomething there were only a very few who I found unacceptable. That still didn’t mean I’d vote for Trump; in fact I cannot envision such a scenario.

In search of eyeballs and ears, the media has made much of the differences among the Democratic contenders. The reality is that the candidates are looking at various routes to the same destination, (especially when you consider the reality of the “sausage making” of legislation.) In a leadership/agenda setting position it is the destination that matters and any viable Democrat’s destination will be much different than Trump’s American highway to hell.

Therefore it does come down to electability. Now I have to apply my theory that Americans primarily vote against, not for, candidates. Accepting all that it’s time to put my old coaching hat back on and think what my opponent will do if I do “A” (in this case run whoever). Trump is certainly not above lying; quite the opposite. But for a lie to be effective it has to have some semblance of believability. Look no further than Ukrainegate which is little more than an attempt to hurt Joe Biden’s electability.

Taking the five remaining candidates with any reasonable chance of becoming the nominee Senator Klobuchar is by far the most difficult to attack.

As to the timing of the endorsement both the calendar and circumstances conspired. The Iowa Caucuses are just around the corner (Monday February 3rd.), and Klobuchar, (along with three other Senators, two of whom are very viable candidates), are stuck on “jury duty” in the impeachment. Iowa is of oversized importance especially in a wide open presidential primary and it is especially important to Klobuchar coming from neighboring Minnesota. Beating expectations in Iowa (a win is an unrealistic expectation) will help bolster Klobuchar’s chances in New Hampshire and beyond. Klobuchar’s campaign is not awash in money and a few early poor finishes will dry up funding spelling the end of the effort. A case can be made that a strong Iowa finish is more important to her than her four viable competitors while she is at the greatest disadvantage of all of them being stuck in her “day job” six days a week at this point.

Enough about covering the current landscape; let’s talk about the candidate. Amy is a practical progressive. She comes from a Great Lakes state which long ago I said was a trait a mythical ideal 2020 Democratic candidate would have. She is in a good position to be able to speak the language of people who consider themselves to be factory workers and farmers.

There are many persuadables and motivatables who have a distain of the Ivy League to which they mistakenly add schools like Stanford and Cal-Berkley. As ridiculous as that may be it is a factor. Klobuchar earned her undergraduate degree at an obscure school and while she earned her law degree from an outstanding academic institution, the University of Chicago, few Americans know of it and they certainly don’t speak of it in the same breath as Harvard or Yale.

During her time in the Senate Klobuchar has sponsored or co-sponsored a plethora of legislation and in many cases worked across the aisle to bring it home. I’m not expecting some renaissance of bipartisanship in the Senate in 2021, but having someone who can pick up the phone and have a civil conversation is a huge plus. If we can’t talk how are we going to legislate? America’s problems will not solve themselves.

After much research and analysis endorses Amy Klobuchar for president of the United States of America.

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  1. I like Amy. Everybody likes Amy. But I’m not confident that your assumption of the desire for civility is as widespread as you believe. Still, good for you for stepping up to the plate. Good luck to all of us.

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