The Endorsement Of Alan Grayson

This is neither the first time I have recognized Alan Grayson nor is it the first time I have endorsed him. He was the inaugural Progressive of the Year in 2010. Grayson is seeking to fill the Senate seat Marco Rubio is vacating.

He first came to national prominence in September of 2009 with a speech on the floor of the House during the Health Care debate.  He outlined the Republican Health Care Plan with the visual aid of three posters.  All bore the heading of “Republican Health Care Plan” in red lettering with black lettering below.  Card one read: “Don’t Get Sick”.  Card two read: “And If You Do Get Sick….”  The continuing card three read: “Die Quickly”.

A Harvard alum with a Phi Beta Kappa key, he knew what he did was not the safe thing for a Democrat representing a conservative, historically Republican district.  The safe path would have been to stay quiet during the debate, remain uncommitted on the bill until the last moment and then only vote for it if his vote was essential for passage.  To borrow from President Kennedy’s book, Alan Grayson’s story is a profile in courage.

He paid the price; he was defeated by a Tea Party backed candidate in the 2010 election.  His opponent had links to the Teri Schiavo affair and is an advocate of homeschooling.  He was returned to the House in 2012 and 2014 where he continues to be one of the most articulate and outspoken progressives.

Grayson is pro-choice, stem cell research, same-sex civil marriage, equal employment treatment for women and public option while being basically anti-war. Without going on ad nauseam Grayson ticks every progressive box I can think of.   If you are a progressive and cannot support him you need to do some serious soul searching!

While it is almost impossible to envision how Florida could be worse served in the Senate than by the current occupant of that seat, Alan Grayson’s addition to the upper chamber of Congress would be good for Florida, America and the world; therefore is proud to endorse him!

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