The Endorsement Of Adam Schiff

I guess I could call today’s posting an endorsement by juxtaposition. Adam Schiff, who is currently running for the United States Senate from California is both hated by Donald Trump and Kevin McCarthy and endorsed by Nancy Pelosi. You could take it from there but I’ll write a bit more.

In recent years Schiff has been one of the most prominent members of the House of Representatives but his story begins prior to that. He received his BA in political science from Stanford which he followed up with a JD from Harvard. That alone is much more than most of us ever accomplish.

After law school he clerked for a federal judge for a year before joining the U. S. Attorney’s office eventually rising to run his own shop.

In 1996 he was elected to the California State Senate and served there until in 2000 when he won his current (although redistricted and renumbered) House seat.

Much of his work in the House (and to a lesser degree as a U.S. Attorney) has had to do with national security and intelligence. Until, (I’ll assume to placate Trump), he was removed from it by McCarthy he served on the House Intelligence Committee at one point chairing it and thereby as a member of the Gang of Eight.

He has been active and instrumental in much intelligence legislation which for most of us is too far into the weeds. During the course of that and related work he has proven to be a champion of freedom of the press (which is essential in a representative democracy). Schiff has been a foe of terrorist activities (both foreign and domestic) along with attempts by foreign actors to undermine American democracy.

Non-political junkies first became aware of him in his role as the chief impeachment manager during Donald Trump’s first impeachment. He went on to be a prominent member of the January 6th Committee.

Adam is one of the most progressive members of the House while still being practical. I agree with his stand of being against members of Congress trading stock. Even the appearance of impropriety is something our supposed national leaders should avoid.

It will come as no surprise to any of my regular readers that whole heartedly endorses Adam Schiff for the open United States Senate seat in California!

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