The Easiest Thing You Can Do

This may well be the first article I’ve ever written on this site that will not have politics as one of its tags. I’m simply giving you some advice on how you can make this a better world.

Most of us don’t have a lot of money, power or influence. But we can all make this a better world by virtue of how we interact with others. Sans the tools mentioned in the previous sentence we can’t write big checks or make a phone call that changes the course of things, but that doesn’t mean we are unable to make another person(s)’ day a bit brighter. What I am asking you to do is keep your eyes open for the opportunity to commit one or more random acts of kindness each day.

I’ll give you two illustrations from earlier today in my life. As I entered the Y this morning, I heard the two women working the front desk shriek. I realize that I have long past the day when women would shriek at the sight of me. (OK, in all honesty that day never existed but let an old man have his dreams.) It seems they had just sighted a large bug that startled them. I asked them if they wanted me to kill it. They replied in the affirmative and I stepped on it. The entire interaction and action cost me zero dollars and maybe 15 second’s time. I can easily afford both and it made their days just a tad easier.

A bit later I stepped outside and noticed my neighbor doing some yard work that entailed ripping out some flowers which she had on the ground next to a large trash bag. After briefly consulting with her I loaded the trash bag and took it to the trash where I was headed next anyway. Again, the cost was zero dollars and only seconds of my time.

Essentially what I’m asking you to do is commit a random act(s) of kindness each day. Look for those opportunities; they will present themselves much more often than you would think if you only look.
Have you ever had someone do something as simple as hold a door open for you? I bet you have and it made your day just a bit easier while probably also making you feel good. Perhaps the best way of getting respect is first giving it.

As the title indicates, this article is all about the easiest things you can do to make life better. If doing so doesn’t make you feel better in the process then you need to do some self-examination.

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