The Easiest Job In American Politics

For some time I thought the easiest job in American politics was to be Rush Limbaugh’s fact checker. Then Limbaugh went and died. Now I’m convinced it is to be a Republican high office holder, particularly a member of the House of Representatives as long as you are totally amoral that is.

I’ve been following American politics since before my tenth birthday and I can remember many fights over the platform prior to national conventions. In fact, back in the old days that was often a great indicator of who the nominee would be. The 2020 Republican National Convention didn’t even issue a platform. I can only conclude that means it stands for nothing and has no principles.

In addition to being amoral – if you were a moral person, you could not possibly cast many of the votes today’s Republicans do – it might help if you were unable to do critical thinking. In today’s GOP there is no thinking allowed; your job is simply to do as you are told by “leadership” and they blindly follow Donald Trump. Your brain trust and leader is a two-time loser of the popular vote for president, was twice impeached, faces a multitude of sexual misconduct related lawsuits and was a multiple business failure including several bankruptcies in the casino business.

Most non-Republican office holders spend a great deal of time exploring topics and formulating informed viewpoints. A lot of time is spend reading and meeting with experts. I remember introducing myself to a newspaper publisher when I assume the Chair of a county Democratic party that his paper covered. He thanked me for the courtesy and then said my job was similar to herding cats. The Democratic party is a big tent party with a lot of interests to serve.

Today it is much easier to be a Republican; you simply are expected to do what you are told – no reading or thinking required.

Being a Republican is easy these days! You don’t have to spend time learning the facts; in fact, you don’t want to be distracted by them. Why be distracted by reality when you can live in the comfort of your prejudices and just follow instructions?

Democrats are politically attacked because they take a long time to get things done. (The most glaring recent example is Obamacare.) Can you name one positive policy or legislative achievement of the Trump administration? I can’t, and they had four years.

If you are a young person who wants to hold public office and are trying to decide which party to belong to, I have the following checklist. If you don’t like to or can’t read well, if you hate to do or are incapable of critical thinking, if facts and the truth confuse you and if you don’t have a moral compass then become a Republican. If you can read, can think, have morals along with caring about the truth and facts then in today’s America you only have one choice and that is the Democratic party.

The easy way out is to be a Republican but that is neither the optimal nor patriotic choice.

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