The DACA Dance

Despite reports to the contrary the fate of the dreamers is as unsettled as ever. Let’s explore.

Last week Donald had dinner with his two new friends Chuck and Nancy. They were served Chinese food which was prepared by chefs and served by waiters in a house all of which we taxpayers pay for. Just in case you are wondering who these people are their day jobs are President of the United States, Senate Minority Leader and House Minority Leader. Their last names are Trump Schumer and Pelosi.

After the meeting Schumer and Pelosi announced that the three had reached a basic agreement that would resolve the dreamer situation which Trump recently exasperated by placing a 30 day window on it (even though it is “advertised” as a six month window). The next morning the extreme right wing – the only part of his base that Trump is retaining to date – went crazy. You see they think compromise is a dirty word. Anything less than absolutely everything they want is selling out in their book. One of their “intellectual leaders”, Steve Bannon, in the publication he controls, Breitbart News, used the headline: Amnesty Don to describe Trump’s action.

The mainstream and liberal press received the news with some pause to see just how genuine it was and what the details of the agreement were. No praise from the left and scorn from the extreme right. It appeared to be another political miscalculation by Trump (and team?). What was poor Trump to do? He relied on one of his old tricks: deny reality. (At least that is my primary assumption – I wasn’t in the room.)

Trump denied there was any agreement but simultaneously said everyone was on board and in addition to his two new friends Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan were also working hard on making the plan (which didn’t exist earlier in the same statement) become a reality. Confused? Remember the Trump White House is a fact free zone. Or is it a world of alternative facts? Now I’m confused.

Another possibility is that Trump was charming his friends at the dinner we paid for and led them to believe they heard what they wanted to hear. Where I grew up we call that lying. Always remember that Bill Maher, who has known Trump for years and personally likes him, has the most accurate description of the President to date – “He’s just a bullshit artist”.

Politicians in general don’t have high credibility ratings with the public. However, if it comes down to Schumer and Pelosi vs. Trump; I’ll take Chuck and Nancy’s word over the President’s.  I think the most likely scenario is that Trump made commitments he now doesn’t want to keep and that McConnell and Ryan would be less than cooperative if he tried to follow through on them.

A point of contention is just what kind of wall or enhanced border security we will employ on our southern border. (Trump will call anything his wall and insist that Mexico will pay for it – again, a/k/a lie.) That is interesting since net immigration from Mexico is zero. 40% of the people living in the United States without proper documentation are those overstaying visas. They are initially entering the United States legally, not being brought in illegally as children. This is another way in which Trump has become a typical Republican, (and connected with the extremists who make up a sizable portion of the GOP base); he has a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist.

This is all some strange political dance around an issue that is very serious for many residents of this country. I somewhat complimented Trump for tossing it back where it belongs (Congress) and setting a time limit for them to act (a/k/a do their jobs). If the real time limit were six months it might be adequate; the problem is that with October this will have a negative impact on a bunch of people who are American in every way except by the law.

All I saw was another movement in what I am calling the DACA dance. Dancing around the subject won’t resolve it. That would take Congressional action and unambiguous Presidential leadership –two things that are sorely lacking.

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