The Coverup Continues

It’s a bit risky to write a Sunday article – intended to have a subject matter of the week’s just ended biggest story – on an early Wednesday afternoon but I’ll take a chance this time. While this won’t get the most “ink” it was the most audacious.

Speaker Mike Johnson announced that there is a delay in the release of the security tapes from January 6th because faces have to be blurred. Here is his direct quote, “As you know we have to blur some of the faces of persons who participated in the events of that day…and to be charged by the DOJ.”

By ordering the blurring of the faces is Johnson committing obstruction of justice, being an accessory after the fact or both? If Liz Cheney is to be believed – and I believe her in this matter – is Johnson attempting cover to up his own criminality in the 1/6 matter?

He made the last statement with half a laugh like he knew he was pulling one off. Perhaps the most astounding part is that, ala Trump, he admitted the crime(s) out loud. Unlike his boss, Johnson actually did graduate from a law school. Ignorance of the law is no defense in American courts but it’s a bit harder to claim when you have a J.D.
Let’s dissect that statement a bit more. I take particular exception to the, “As you know,” part! I don’t have the advantage of a law degree but I don’t work on the assumption that protecting criminals (and at best they are trespassers – the Capital Building was closed to visitors that day) is normal, acceptable and assumed behavior.

There is an old adage in politics that the coverup is worse than the crime. I don’t believe that is the case here but the coverup has revealed more co-conspirators, among them Speaker Johnson. While most of us, including political junkies like me, didn’t know who he was on January 6th it now appears that he was involved in the plot prior to the events of that infamous day.

Johnson is one of the many who have allowed and/or facilitated the once great Republican party’s descent from a legitimate center-right political party into a cult following a very flawed leader and doing his bidding regardless of its legality or impact on America.

To date Johnson’s reward has been the speakership. Even then he was a “fifth round draft choice” who Trump eventually “put in the game” because he knew he would be controllable until his time to be disposed of arrived. The temporarily useful idiots who stormed the Capital on 1/6 are more important to Trump than Johnson. He only needs one speaker at a time and that is only when the GOP controls the House. Trump knows he will have to resort to violence and law breaking again and he needs those ground troops.

Johnson’s time as Speaker is limited. If nothing else I firmly expect the Democrats to take back the House in November’s election. Assuming something resembling normalcy, even if Trump were to win reelection, Congress would be in session prior to the inauguration. The Republicans’ margin gets smaller and smaller and with the departure of George Santos and pending departure of Kevin McCarthy (the possible scenarios surrounding those situations are too numerous to detail here and today) the margin is getting closer to non-existent. I don’t think it is likely but the Democrats being in the majority with Hakeem Jeffries as Speaker in this current House is not unthinkable.

The scariest part is that the 1/6 story is still very far from totally revealed to the public. Makes you wonder what’s next.

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