The Coming Cluster Bomb?

Today’s article is one way the Mueller probe may come to a crescendo. I can’t help but think that if I changed two words in the title (“coming” to current and “bomb” to a four letter word that violates my PG rating) I would have had to write an article about the Trump administration. Please read on and follow my speculation.

Perhaps I’ve watched too many mob movies but I can see Robert Mueller bringing his investigation to an end with a cluster bomb of indictments. I have to admit a part of me would love to a series of pre-dawn raids across the country complete with film of dozens of perp walks. If that included Donald Trump it would please a dark part of me to no end. (I don’t see the practicality of that considering Secret Service protection, Justice Department past practices and the office he holds.)

I still believe that resignation ala Nixon is the most likely outcome for Trump. In Watergate the tapes were the final straw. Could a 2019 cluster bomb indictment be the straw that breaks this camel’s back?

Remember Mueller’s original charge was to investigate the possibility of Russian interference in the 2016 election and any other crimes he uncovered in that quest. He was given pretty close to a blank check. For a long time I’ve classified the Trump administration as an organized criminal enterprise. As time passes and more evidence becomes public I am increasingly convinced that my original analysis is accurate.

Trump and his crew (I can’t help but use mob terms) are involved in a variety of crimes. Among them are: obstruction of justice, violation of the emoluments clause, self-dealing, violations of the Corrupt Foreign Practices Act, conspiracy, fraud, lying to the FBI, lying to Congress, perjury, money laundering and international money laundering. If it were war time I’d throw in treason. Some crimes are more serious than others and different players are involved in different dirty deeds. On top of that I’m certain I missed a bunch of crimes.

Among the probable targets are: Trump, his son Don Jr., daughter Ivanka, son-in-law Jared Kushner, former Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort (yes, more charges), Eric Prince, Roger Stone, Julian Assange, Vladimir Putin, Mike Pence, Hope Hicks, Carter Page, Rudy Giuliani, Jeff Sessions and John Dowd. This is by no means an all-inclusive list. I expect many other names that I either overlooked or we don’t know yet.

Vladimir Putin may be a surprise to many but that is not a typo. I expect Mueller to indict Putin (to no avail) because he was the mastermind of the Russian interference campaign or at least it could never have gone nearly that far without his blessing.

A word about Roger Stone, for a guy who wants to take the fifth he is doing a lot of talking.

As for right wing mythology I ran into an interesting situation the other day. As is my habit when I drive I was listening to my local NPR station on the radio and they happened to be broadcasting the BBC news. I am somewhat challenged when listening to certain UK accents. The newscaster was talking about the term witch hunt and the word “witch” sounded like “which” to me, (it also somewhat does with my accent). After a moment I laughed, the Mueller probe was never a witch hunt but if my cluster bomb theory is at all correct it has turned into a which hunt as in which one will go down next.

Other than after the first of the year I won’t hazard a guess as to when the bomb may drop, but if it does my readers and I will not be totally surprised. That may very well mean that the Democrats will take over the House on January 3rd with a “short clock” running.

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