The Biggest Story Of Last Week Wasn’t Big

It’s not a hard and fast rule but lately the subject of Sunday’s post is the biggest political story of the preceding week. Many would have considered President’s Trump statements that he was willing to talk to Robert Mueller’s team under oath and expected it to occur in the next two or three weeks to be the biggest story of last week. I don’t.

A while ago I arbitrarily set a mythical over/under for Trump lies in his first year in office at 2000. I also said that if I were a betting man I’d bet over. With a week to go to the anniversary mark the Washington Post documented over 2000 Trump lies.

If Trump actually did everything he said he was going to do either very shortly or in two weeks he might actually have had some positive accomplishments to celebrate while he sat in the Oval Office with his hat on celebrating the anniversary of his inauguration while posing for staged photos as the federal government it is his job to lead was shut down.

Earlier it had been hinted that Trump’s lawyers were trying to get Mueller to agree to a written statement in lieu of an interview. This is the equivalent of an open book take home test. Trump repeatedly brags about his memory and intelligence. He is a self-described, “Very stable genius” yet his apologists contend that an interview with Mueller and company is a perjury trap. If you are so superior and simply tell the truth, how can you be caught in a perjury trap? It’s simple, all you have to do is tell the truth while avoiding convenient amnesia, lying and creating non-existent privileges.

Considering all that, why would I believe what Trump told a bunch of reporters that he largely hates and certainly doesn’t respect?

Another candidate was the New York Times’ revelation that Trump had ordered White House Counsel Don McGahn to fire Robert Mueller about a month into his tenure as Special Counsel. All this really did was add another piece of evidence that Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice, (both a criminal and impeachable offense). Of course when questioned by reporters in Davos, Trump dismissed it as “Fake news”. Interestingly every time something is reported that Trump doesn’t like it is labeled fake news by him and his supporters. That is the same strategy employed by fascist leaders in 1930’s Europe. Today it is frequently used by most of the world’s despots including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Speaking of Davos, this year’s World Economic Forum was the first time I can remember an American president being roundly booed by the assembled crowd. In fact the best he could get in the way of a response from the crowd was polite applause and attention. The only world leader who appeared to be interested in making an economic deal with him was the UK’s Theresa May. May is in the unenviable situation of having to exit the European Union which will be a huge blow to her country’s economy. Trump is an isolationist by choice; May by inherited circumstance.

There was one other national leader that greeted Trump warmly – Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. Trump and Netanyahu have at least one major thing in common – they are under serious investigation at home for corruption. Trump has to stay friendly with Netanyahu; a lot of the Israeli Prime Minister’s close associates are lending son-in-law Jared Kushner a ton of money to help bail out his family’s real estate venture that is in trouble due to Jared’s bad decisions. I wonder if that had anything to do with Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel (no other nation on earth does). Well, I have a confession to make; I really don’t wonder about that at all.

Trump has an insecurity problem. He (rightfully) has never really felt that he was accepted by the true upper crust. Trump was viewed as a curiosity not a peer (much less superior) at Davos. This was his chance to be accepted at the “cool kids’ table”. Instead an American President was booed. What did we expect when we sent an isolationist who takes pride in his ignorance, refusing to read or be briefed to a conference for the most knowledgeable globalists in the world? He was treated like what he is: a guy who went to a military/reform high school for incorrigible members of the Lucky Sperm Cell Club, then only graduated from an Ivy League school after he transferred in from a private Catholic college in his junior year. That is far from the resume that entitles you to a seat at the “cool kids’ table” at Davos.

If last week had a standout story it was really just more of the same. Russiagate continues to ensnare Donald Trump as he causes a precipitous decline in America’s global status. America will eventually pay a dear economic and diplomatic price for Trump’s actions. Let’s hope the damage is repairable!

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  1. I think the damage is certainly repairable. But it’ll take a while. I am reminded of my conjecture from a couple of years ago: Perhaps what this country needs is a major political calamity…instead of this death by a thousand cuts. Hopefully this calamity will lead to the major change in direction we have needed since the election of Ronald Reagan. Hope springs eternal.

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