The Apprentice President

Normally I hope President Trump reads my postings. I doubt he will like them but perhaps he will comprehend them sufficiently to learn something. Today is an exception because one of my biggest fears is probably the best thing he could do to lengthen the organized criminal enterprise he calls an administration. Let’s explore.

In a sort of reverse of The Mouse That Roared, the best self-preservation move Trump could make is to start a war. It has happened at least once in modern American history. Ronald Reagan started a war with Grenada to distract from his botching of the situation in Lebanon. It got Reagan off the hook, but also laid the foundation for international terrorism with America as its target. America is much like a family; it may feud but when attacked it, it unifies and rallies behind its President. George W. Bush was another in the string of buffoon Republican Presidents of late, however after 9/11 the nation rallied behind him. I am not alone in saying that Bush would never have won reelection in 2004 if not for 9/11.

W fell into 9/11 and Dick Cheney was immoral enough to exploit it to an electoral victory in 2004. Grenada was not a nuclear power. In fact prior to America’s invasion of it most Americans didn’t even know of its existence. The tiny island nation’s claim to fame was and still is a medical school that accepts Americans who can’t get into an American medical school. Trump’s target appears to be nuclear armed North Korea. That is a world of difference!

Thursday night at a White House photo-op, surrounded by senior military officials and their spouses, Trump quipped to the reporters, “You guys know what this represents?” He quickly answered his own question with, “Maybe the calm before the storm,” Couple that with the Twitter rhetoric Trump has leveled at Kim Jung-un and the fearful conclusion was that if he were serious – which considering his track record is questionable – it meant a military confrontation with North Korea was imminent.

Saturday he followed that up with a two part Tweet. “Presidents and their administrations have been talking to North Korea for 25 years, agreements made and massive amounts of money paid…” “hasn’t worked, agreements violated before the ink was dry, making fools of U. S. negotiators. Sorry, but only one thing will work!”

A fair evaluation will lead you to conclude that prior to the 2016 election Donald Trump’s only significant achievement was the television show The Apprentice. I am proud to say that I never watched it. The premise of the show (starring Donald Trump of course) was a competition among several contestants to become the apprentice to a business tycoon. Who writes this garbage? It was a stupid show starring a very stupid man. In television you want to entice the viewer to stay tuned through the commercial breaks and tune in next week. You accomplish that with a tease. It is much like putting a sexy headline on a milquetoast story.

It is possible that Trump is just engaged in another one of his distraction in order to stay the center of attention (something he seems to require). That is the best case scenario except that things don’t often translate well across languages and cultures. Kim Jung-un, (another member of the Lucky Sperm Cell Club), isn’t any more stable or qualified than Trump.

Trump’s main concern is to keep his organized criminal enterprise going as long as possible; he is making a fabulous amount of money playing the role of Don Trump. Trump has been a con artist most of his adult life and he finally landed in the greatest scam in American political history.

Mr. President this is not some fictional television show aimed at the lowest common denominator in the viewing audience; this is the real world with real consequences. Start acting like a responsible boss; not a failing apprentice!

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