The Anti Party

What does today’s Republican Party stand for? That is a legitimate question and one I intend to explore today.

The short is answer is: save a return on investment for their largest financiers, nothing. Want evidence? The 2020 GOP Platform (the most recent one) is non-existent. A statement was released in lieu of a document stating that the party backed any position Donald Trump took.

I propose we can call today’s GOP the anti-party because while they are for basically nothing; they are against a lot of things. I’ll explore a few of them below.


Just look at who enabled the Dobbs decision. I need go no further.


Another simple one. I offer 1/6 as an example and rest my case not needing the plethora of others.

Anti-personal freedom

A government that tells you what to do and when to do it is big government. The Republican rhetoric is to the contrary of its actions.

Anti-representative democracy

Time and time again polling shows that the GOP is simply not representative of the majority of Americans. It stays in power via gerrymandering which is the ultimate undermining of the very spirit of representative democracy. In a representative democracy (a/k/a republic) the people are to choose their representatives not the other way around.

It repeatedly refuses to acknowledge the results of free and fair elections, sans evidence, even after multiple challenges to the results fail.


All but native Americans are either immigrants or the decedents of immigrants. I make no secret of the fact that three of my grandparents were born in Poland. This country was literally built and made great largely by immigrants. With a greying population we need immigrants for our workforce if nothing else.

Anti-people of color

In plain language racism. You don’t have to be a racist to be a Republican but if you are you will sure find likeminded friends quickly and in abundance.


Under the guise of patriotism, isolationism has been reborn in today’s GOP. This is the same stance the Nazi sympathizers in America took in the early (pre-Pearl Harbor) days of World War II. History repeating itself? Under the backroom maneuvering of Trump’s people, anti-Russian aggression language was taken out of the 2016 GOP platform.

Along these same lines, the American Republican party is the only major political party in the world that does not recognize climate change and man’s involvement in it. How do you solve a global problem if one of the leading nations in the world (and one of its leading polluters) ignores it?


Saying today’s GOP is anti-organized labor is like saying the Pope is Catholic. This very much ties in with the ROI for major donors who just want to exploit labor, not fairly compensate it. Did you ever wonder why despite the rhetoric the Republicans never crack down on undocumented workers. I don’t.


If after Trump I have to explain this one you simply haven’t been paying attention.


Who (except Mussolini and Putin) called the legitimate press the enemy of the people before Trump?


This may well be the most dangerous and foundational of the contemporary Republicans’ “antis”. It encompasses book banning, the intimidation of teachers (including at the university level) and the syphoning of public funds to private institutions and schools.

All these descriptions were of necessity brief. At eleven I certainly didn’t cover all the “antis” but I think I made my point.

A little over a decade ago a friend of mine (who at that time was serving in the North Carolina General Assembly) gave me a thumbnail comparison of the two parties. He said the Democrats give people rights and the Republican take them away. Arguments (not by me) could be made as to the verbiage, but essentially the statement is an accurate portrayal of the contemporary versions of the two parties.

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