The American Two Party System Only Works If…

For all of my lifetime, and well before it, America has had a two-party political system. That ceased to exist last week. We have seen the warning signs for a few years now but last week it became official. In order for America to have two major political parties they both have to be basically American. One no longer is.

Friday, at its annual meeting, the Republican National Committee, passed several resolutions. One officially labeled the events of January 6th as, “Legitimate political discourse”. You read that correctly. If an act of domestic terrorism aimed at preventing the Congress of the United States of American from going about its constitutionally mandated duties is legitimate political discourse, then we no longer have a functioning democracy in America. The party that wants to be perceived as the party of law and order condoned the assault and murder of police officers. Either they or I have the totally wrong conception of what America stands for and I know I’m not incorrect!

Legitimate political discourse is debating the wisdom of a tax code change; not whether it is OK to attack the Capital Building during a joint session of Congress. The latter is a coup attempt. (Like almost all things Trump, it failed.)

At the same time, the RNC censured Representatives Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois. Their “intolerable transgression” was joining the January 6th Committee. God forbid that anyone endeavor to get to the bottom of a domestic terrorist attack on the Capital Building, after all in the “judgement” of the RNC it was simply legitimate political discourse.

To Kinzinger it really doesn’t matter in that he has announced he is not seeking reelection in 2022. In the case of Cheney, it allows the Republican Party to financially aid Cheney’s Trump endorsed primary opponent. Make no mistake the current version of the GOP is no longer the center right party it has been for decades; it is the party of a single person – Donald Trump.

The Republican Party has ceased to be a political party bound together by common political positions. It’s 2020 National Convention proved that. They did not adopt a platform, instead they simply stated that whatever Donald Trump stood for at any particular moment is what they stood.

Several 1930s European nations were led by a dominant political party whose only policy was unconditional loyalty to an individual. It didn’t work out very well for them in the rather short long run! America’s two-party political system only works well if both parties are at their core loyal to America and not an individual.

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  1. The Republican Party has flirted with Fascism for over a hundred years. They are closer now than they have ever been.

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