The 2018 Endorsement Of Sherrod Brown

This is the second time is endorsing Sherrod Brown for reelection to the United States Senate from Ohio. 2012 was the first time and some of this article is a cut and paste job. I make no apologies for that. Brown is a man of integrity and his “political stripes” haven’t changed. Ohio is my “state to watch” on Election night because the outcome of this and the Governor’s race can have major implications on 2020.

I make no secret that I think Brown would make a great Democratic vice presidential candidate in 2020. In order for that to happen he has to get reelected in November. The political reality is that Richard Cordray will also have to defeat Mike DeWine for the open Governor’s seat so that a Democrat could fill Brown’s Senate seat if he is elected to the vice presidency.

Taking it a step further the Electoral College numbers are such that in 2020 the Democrats are going to have to win back some of the Great Lakes states they lost in 2016. This is a quirk and not mathematical reality, but the Republicans have never won the presidency without carrying Ohio. Brown is capable of delivering his home state in 2020.

Senator Brown was an Eagle Scout who earned his bachelor’s degree from Yale then returned home to the Buckeye State to earn two master’s degrees from the Ohio State University. He has held several posts in government, most prominent was seven terms in the House of Representatives before defeating DeWine, then the incumbent Republican, in 2006 to gain his current Senate seat.

Brown has a solid progressive record and in the past had been a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. He voted for Obamacare both times it passed in the Senate. He voted to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and against D.O.M.A. He has been a staunch supporter of LBGT rights. He voted to allow same-sex adoptions in the District of Columbia. He has a long record of supporting working class Americans. He was out front and vocal in supporting the effort to overturn the union busting SB5/Issue 2 in Ohio. He has a history of very carefully examining and being skeptical of free trade agreements. In other words he represents the interests of the vast majority of Ohioans and laborers in general. He is capable of delivering what is left of the old union movement.

It hasn’t been all glory for Sherrod. He has paid the price of politics along the way. Following a defeat in the early 90’s he spent some time teaching democracy and government in Poland during their transition from Communism to democracy. His wife, the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Connie Schultz, resigned from the Cleveland Plain Dealer in response to political cheap shots.

His 2012 race was expensive and bloody. By February of 2012 Brown had already been the target of over $3million in attack ads from the United States Chamber of Commerce and Republican Super PACs.

Sherrod Brown can appeal to both the progressive woman who hates Party labels along with the disillusioned and currently underemployed former factory worker. He understands the past and has the vision necessary for a successful future all the time realizing that we as a society have a moral obligation to take care of our fellow man along the way and still keep America safe.

If 21st century America is to perform to its potential it needs leadership like Sherrod Brown’s in Washington. This endorsement is one of the easiest calls I have ever made.

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