Thank You Ms. Mayer

Please Note: The basis for this article is Jane Mayer’s October 4th article in The New Yorker which I highly recommend you read.

It is only about once a year that I read an article that moves me to the extent that I write almost an entire article of my own based on it. That happened the other day when I read Jane Mayer’s piece in The New Yorker entitled, The Invention Of The Conspiracy Theory On Biden And Ukraine: How a conservative dark-money group that targeted Hillary Clinton in 2016 spread the discredited story that may lead to Donald Trump’s impeachment. Trump and his minions are trying to muddy the waters with this story in order to confuse the voters. To date they have been to a large degree successful. Mayer, who I I have long held tremendous respect for, does a great job of clearing the waters in her article. Let’s explore.

Trump and his sycophants have been running around claiming that then-Vice President Joe Biden interfered in Ukraine in an effort to hide wrongdoing by his son Hunter. The reality is that Joe Biden’s involvement would have uncovered any wrongdoing by his son.

Hunter served on the Board of Directors of a Ukrainian company that may have been involved in some wrongdoing. Whether that is a fact or not is questionable and certainly whether Hunter was directly knowledgeable or involved is even more questionable. As part of American foreign policy and in conjunction with European allies and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) the elder Biden led an effort to oust the Ukrainian prospector who was refusing to investigate the corruption allegations.

Somehow in right wing mythology the story became that the Bidens were stealing millions of dollars and using Joe Biden’s position to cover it up. In the process the Ukrainians were interfering in the 2016 election in an effort to help Hillary Clinton get elected and framed the Russians in the process. The only thing missing is a branch office in Benghazi.

The story came out of the same right wing disinformation machine that aided in the Russian interference in the 2016 election and had strong connections to Steve Bannon along with Breitbart. The entity was the Government Accountability Institute which is a right wing organization funded primarily by former Bannon financier and 2016 major Trump donor Robert Mercer. His daughter Rebekah has basically taken over the family’s political funding arm and as of the last report was listed as the Chair of the Government Accountability Institute. (I guess the name Motherhood and Apple Pie Institute was taken.)

You can’t have a sustainable conspiracy theory without someone writing about it. That part is being played by Peter Schweitzer who in days gone by was actually somewhat of a respected journalist and is currently the president of – you guessed it – the Government Accountability Institute. In recent years he tends to write very interesting pieces that make great accusations but fails to back them up with proof.

The bottom line is that Hunter Biden may or may not have been involved in some questionable transactions; we simply do not know. What we do know is that Joe Biden wasn’t and not only did nothing to cover them up (assuming they occurred) his actions were aimed at bringing them to light. The last time I check Joe not Hunter Biden was running for president.

My article is much shorter than Ms. Mayer’s and she is much more talented than I am. If you want to learn more please read her article. On a personal note I would like to thank her for her work! She did the best job I have seen of laying out the facts in this case in a relatively concise and readable fashion.

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