Tenth Is A Landslide?

President Trump and his minions like to brag about what they call his 2016 landslide victory in the Electoral College. Let’s put that malarkey to rest once and for all. There have been 15 elections since all fifty states were admitted to the union. Trump’s electoral vote total tied for tenth place. That is below average and certainly not a landslide. Let’s explore, there is much more.

To put Trump’s “landslide” in further perspective I will turn to my favorite sport of baseball. Last season the Los Angles Angels finished tenth in the American League with a record of 72 wins and 90 losses for a winning percentage of .444. The Angles compete in the five-team American League West Division where they finished in 4th place, 29 games behind the division leader. That is the kind of record that gets major league managers fired and that is exactly what happened.

The lesson here is that Trump tries to turn everything into a victory. One of his steadfast rules is never to admit defeat even when that defeat is obvious. Think of his rhetoric: his is always the best, the biggest and the boldest. When asked to rate himself it’s always an A+ or a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. The reality is a much different story.

We are seeing preludes to what he may do in November. Monday at the orders of his sycophant Attorney General/Consigliere, Bill Barr, he turned federal police on legally assembled protesters. The forces used horse, flash bang grenades, rubber bullets and tear gas on people obeying a curfew and exercising their First Amendment rights. Voter suppression may utilize violence against the people in November. You can get away with this (in the short run anyway) when you have the Attorney General in your pocket. That assures the Justice Department won’t press charges or investigate. Do you really want to bet it all on the current Supreme Court upholding the Constitution?

Speaking of Barr specifically for a moment; we pay the Attorney General $210,700 a year. For that kind of salary don’t you think we could find someone who can tell time and has the reading comprehension of a fifth grader? Think I’m being too harsh on Barr? Well read the next paragraph and see if you still feel that way.

Barr provided his “book report” of the Mueller Report and when the Reader’s Digest version came out Barr’s interpretation was 180 degrees opposite of reality. Then there is what is now being called the Battle of Lafayette Park. In it at the order of AG Barr, American forces attacked American citizens for obeying the law and acting within the bounds of the Constitution. As to telling time; the curfew was set for 7pm and the attack commenced at 6:38pm. I rest my case.

When the phrase “the rule of law” rings hollow to the head of the Justice Department there is cause for grave concern!

Trump loves authoritarian strongmen. Is he looking for his own Tiananmen Square? If you noticed mainland China has basically scrubbed the event from history. In fact, in their coronavirus shielded move to remove the bit of autonomy Hong Kong has they have banned a commemoration event. That makes sense from a revisionist history standpoint; why would you commemorate something that never happened?

I’m not limiting my fears to America and China. What will people like Vladimir Putin of Russia and Boris Johnson of the UK use the coronavirus pandemic as a distraction to achieve? This extreme right wing movement is eerily similar to the rise of fascism in 1930’s Europe and we all know that did not end well; especially for the countries where it took control.

The danger here is what lengths Trump will go to in the aftermath of the 2020 election if he is anywhere near close in several states. In the Donald Dome all is possible as long as it culminates in a continued opportunity to skim for Don Trump and his organized criminal enterprise. The American electorate cannot allow Trump to get close enough to cheat his way to a second term.

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