Tell Me About America

I am basically a 30,000 feet guy politically. Unlike most American voters I’m not easily moved by personal stories. I like to look at data and the big picture. That is often reflected in my writing. Today I want to take a totally different approach to why, if you haven’t already, you need to vote in today’s election (and not for Donald Trump or his sycophants). Please come along.

I have six grandchildren ranging in age from 24 to 4. Two have already graduated from college (with honors) and three have already voted in 2020. The five oldest know what America is like. It is a great albeit imperfect country. At 4 the youngest is simply too young. I want to avoid the day where he sits down with me and requests, “Please tell me about America. What was it like in the old days?”

In my lifetime I have seen America make progress toward becoming a more perfect union. There have been a few steps backwards and plenty of challenges; but the overall curve has been one of progress. We are simply a better country than the one I was born into in 1952. We are certainly a better country than the pre-1964 America of my youth. Today even living in the South I can sit down at a restaurant with people of multiple colors and be served without incident, stares or ridicule. I have many times. In the last decade we elected a non-white president, made marriage a right regardless of sexual orientation and came the closest we have ever been in our history (although there is certainly much work still to be done) to making health care accessible to everyone. These are but a few of the major accomplishments America has achieved during my lifetime. Again, it is a great albeit imperfect country.

Donald Trump and his ilk want to take America back to the early ‘60s. Not the 1960s; but the pre- Civil War early 1860s. In the process they want to enrich themselves from the public coffers. If that entails selling out America; in their minds so be it.

On the issue of climate change alone they are willing to sacrifice the future of humanity as we know is so long as they can make a few bucks in the process. Something I read the other day struck me and I can’t get it out of my mind. It talked about evaluating your actions by asking yourself if you are being a good ancestor. I am not a wealthy man. My grandchildren will inherit very little of monetary value from me. The least I can do is try not to contribute to or enable the degradation of the planet. Instead of being a leader on climate change Trump pulled America out of the Paris Climate Accord (the only major nation to do so) and boasts about the number of environmental regulations he has rescinded or is simply not enforcing.

A very small number at the extreme top have profited handsomely under Trump. That is not any different than any of the authoritarian regimes in world history. The great masses in the middle and working classes along with the poor are suffering or will soon be if we leave this wannabe tyrant unchecked by the electorate for a second term.

I could go on but this is difficult to write and you get the idea by now. I am asking you to vote as a personal favor if nothing else. I don’t want to be asked that question and have that conversation! You can help me avoid it.

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